Fridericia perrieri ( Vejdovský, 1878 )

Dózsa-Farkas, Klára, Felföldi, Tamás, Nagy, Hajnalka & Hong, Yong, 2018, New enchytraeid species from Mount Hallasan (Jeju Island, Korea) (Enchytraeidae, Oligochaeta), Zootaxa 4496 (1), pp. 337-381: 370

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Fridericia perrieri ( Vejdovský, 1878 )


Fridericia perrieri ( Vejdovský, 1878) 

Only one specimen was found. Length 17.7 mm, width 460 µm at VIII and 550 µm at the clitellum in vivo. Length of fixed specimen 10.4 mm, width 520 µm at VIII and 490 µm at the clitellum. Segments 47. Chaetal formula 4,5 – 4,5,3,2: 4,5,6 – 4,5,3,2, in the segment XII absent. The chaetae within a preclitellar bundles of the two largest outer chaetae 58–60 by 5 µm, the middle pairs 55–58 by 5 µm the innermost chaetae much smaller 25–30 by 3 µm ( Fig. 21BView FIGURE 21), posteriorly maximum 68–75 by 5 µm. Head pore at 0/I. Dorsal pores from VII. Clitellum in XII –1 /2XIII, girdle-shaped, gland cells arrangement reticulate ( Fig. 21C –DView FIGURE 21). Body wall 32–25 µm, cuticle 2–2.5 µm, fixed.

Brain egg-shaped, 155 µm long and 99 µm wide, fixed ( Fig. 21AView FIGURE 21). Oesophageal appendages a-type with a few longer branches posteriorly. Pharyngeal glands in IV with dorsal connection and separate small ventral lobes. Pairs in V and VI without dorsal connection with ventral lobes ( Fig. 21FView FIGURE 21). Dorsal blood vessel from XX, blood colourless. Midgut pars tumida were not observable. Five pairs of preclitellar nephridia from 6/7 to 10/11. Coelomo-mucocytes numerous, mucocytes type a (length 23–32 µm, fixed), lenticytes numerous 8–10 µm long. Chylus cells between XIII –XVI. Seminal vesicle small. Sperm funnel about 125 µm long and two times longer than wide ( Fig. 21GView FIGURE 21). Male copulatory organs compact, rounded diameter 60 µm and 32 µm high, fixed. Bursal slits longitudinal, staple-shaped ( Fig. 21EView FIGURE 21). Subneural glands absent. Spermathecae: long ectal ducts without glands (270 µm long, 22 µm wide in vivo, 190 µm long and 20 µm wide, fixed), canal straight. Ampulla with two rounded, stalked diverticula (diameter 45–50 µm) containing sperm in a ring with rotating movement ( Figs. 19CView FIGURE 19, 21HView FIGURE 21). Two mature eggs.

Distribution and habitat. In Mt. Hallasan, only one locality: site 14, in soil and litter layers of Sasa quelpaertensis  forest.

Material examined. Only one specimen was found (it was deposited in the National Institute of Biological Resources , Korea NIBRIV0000810603, slide No. 2395.) 

Remarks. Unfortunately, only one specimen was found, but it agreed in traits with the description of F. perrieri ( Schmelz, 2003)  .