Antillipeltis nitida , Lawrence, John F., Leschen, Richard A. B. & Ślipiński, Adam, 2014

Lawrence, John F., Leschen, Richard A. B. & Ślipiński, Adam, 2014, Antillipeltis, a new genus of Antillean Trogossitidae (Coleoptera: Cleroidea) with a key to the Cleroidea, Zootaxa 3794 (3), pp. 435-454: 443-444

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Antillipeltis nitida

sp. n.

Antillipeltis nitida  sp. n.

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Diagnosis. This species is similar in size to A. minuta  but differs in the longer and narrower elytra, which are primarily yellow, and the reddish-brown subquadrate pronotum, which is not as shiny.

Description. Length 3.1 –4.0 mm; body elongate (BL/EW = 2.05–2.10). Head primarily black above but with ventral surfaces, labrum, mandibles, palps and antennal funicle lighter (yellow or yellowish-brown); pronotum black; scutellar shield and anteromesal portions of elytral disc reddish-brown, with suture, sides and apices yellow, undersurfaces, legs and antennal club yellow to yellowish-brown. Dorsal vestiture of very short fine setae, most of which barely extend beyond edges of punctures; ventral surfaces and legs clothed with longer, decumbent and suberect setae. Head punctation moderately fine and dense. Pronotum 0.64–0.67 times as long as wide; sides distinctly curved, narrowly explanate and edges of lateral carinae crenulate; anterior angles very weakly produced and acute; posterior angles broadly rounded. Pronotal punctation somewhat coarser but sparse and irregular; interspaces finely granulate or smooth and shiny, almost metallic. Elytra 1.50–1.53 times as long as wide and 2.65–273 times as long as pronotum, slightly wider at posterior third; sides weakly rounded and explanate; punctation coarse and dense, interspaces smooth and shiny. Male abdomen with transverse setal rows on ventrites 3–5. Aedeagus 0.48 times as long as abdominal ventrites 1–5; tegmen with fused parameres 6.1 times as long as wide; parameres 0.36 times as long as body of tegmen including paired dorsal struts; ventral strut 0.80 times as long as body of tegmen; penis 1.14 times as long as tegmen including parameres and 19 times as long as wide, laterally compressed.

Type specimens. Holotype, male, Puerto Rico: Guanica Central Finca, Ponce, 12.ix. 1933, Rhizophora mangle, R.G. Oakley  , San Juan # 4696 ( NMNHAbout NMNH). Paratype: male, Puerto Rico: Principi Finca, Adjuntas, 3.v. 1934, decaying wood, R.G. Oakley, San Juan # 5458 ( NMNHAbout NMNH).


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