Trachelas devi, Biswas & Raychaudhuri, 2000

Biswas & Raychaudhuri, 2000, SAC SPIDERS OF BANGLADESH-II: GENERA CASTIANElRA KEYSERLING, SPHINGIUS THORELL AND TRACHELAS KOCH (ARANEAE: CLUBIONIDAE), Records of the Zoological Survey of India 98 (2), pp. 131-139 : 133-137

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Trachelas devi

sp. nov.

3. Trachelas devi n. sp.

( Figs. 15-21 View Figs. 15 - 21 )

General: Cephalothorax brown; legs yellow; abdomen black. Total body length 3.00 mm. Carapace length 1.10 mm. Carapace width 1.00 mm; abdominal length 1.90 mm; abdominal width 1.20 mm. Legs as in Table-I.

Cephalothorax: Longer than wide, anteriorly narrowing, posteriorly overlapped by abdomen; cephalic region raised; cervical furrows weakly distinct; posteromedially with a fovea; radial furrows deeply distinct. Eyes pearly-white, based with black band, unequal in size, anterolaterals largest; anterior row of eyes strongly recurved and posterior row nearly straight; anteromedian eyes close while posteromedians distantly placed; laterals closely placed; ocular quad longer than wide. Chelicerae brown, strong, both inner and outer margins with 2 teeth ( Figs. 17 View Figs. 15 - 21 ). Maxillae and labium brown, maxillae broad, longer than wide ( Figs. 18 View Figs. 15 - 21 ); labium broad, as long as wide ( Figs. 18 View Figs. 15 - 21 ); both maxillae and labium anteriorly scopulate. Sternum dark brown, broad, nearly heartshaped ( Figs. 19 View Figs. 15 - 21 ). Legs long and slender, each of tibia and metatarsi I and 11 with 3 ventral spines; tarsi with 2 claws; leg formula 4132 and the measurements (in mm) as in Table-I Abdomen: Oval, dorsum submarginally with serially arranged black patches leaving the white longitudinal mid-dorsal area ( Figs. 15 View Figs. 15 - 21 ) Epigyne and internal genitalia as in figs. 20 and 21.


Table-I: Measurments (in mm) of different parts of legs of Trachelas devi n. sp.

Male: Unknown.

Holotype: Female in spirit.

Types are at present in the Depa~tment of Zoology, Government P. C. College , Bagerhat and will be deposited to the Museum of the Department of Zoology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, in due course of time.

Etymology: The species is named after the famous Philosopher Dr. G.C. Dev of Dhaka University, Bangladesh.

Type-locality: BANGLADESH: Dhaka, date 24.ii. I992, Coil. Biswas.

Diagnosis: The Indian Trachelas species ( Majumder & Tikader, 1991) do not seem to be related to the present species T. devi n. sp. because the latter is with abdomen broad at anterior 1 1/3rd region, without any sigilla, cephalic region not constricted, contiguous anteromedian and lateral eyes and typical epigynum. These sufficiently justify the erection of the new species. Abdominal shape of the present species even though may be related to the T. taiwanicus (Hayashi & Yoshida, 1993) but stands distinct because of the characters indicated above. The species even show too many structural differences, though it has a similarity in the general appearance with that of T. japonicus ( Shinkai & Takano, 1984) .

Therefore, the species is described as new to science.













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