Oospila decorata ( Prout, 1932 )

Lindt, Aare, Hausmann, Axel & Viidalepp, Jaan, 2018, Review of some species groups of the genus Oospila Warren, with descriptions of nine new species (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Geometrinae), Zootaxa 4497 (2), pp. 151-194 : 156

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4497.2.1

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Oospila decorata ( Prout, 1932 )


Oospila decorata ( Prout, 1932) View in CoL

(Figs 3, 39, 71)

Leptolopha flavilimes f. decorata Warren, 1909: 78 View in CoL ; Leptolopha decorata Prout, 1932: 52 View in CoL , pl. 6f; Oospila decorata (Prout) View in CoL : Cook & Scoble 1995: 9, Figs 2, 79, 147.

Material. 6♂ 1♀, French Guiana, Kaw Mts. , 300 m, 28.10 26.11.2002, 04°30'N, 52°11'W (V. Soon); 6♂ 1♀, French Guiana, Kaw Mts. , 300 m, Amazone Lodge, 12 GoogleMaps 19.10.2006, 04°30'N, 52°11'W (slides 7048, 293) (V. & J. Viidalepp & K. Sarv); 3♀, Ecuador, Pastaza, Rio Shiripuno , 27 GoogleMaps 30.10.2002 (slide 300); 6♂, Ecuador, Pastaza, Rio Shiripuno , 27 30.10.2002 (slide 298) (A. Selin, T. Armulik); 2♀, the same data (I. Renge); 2♀, Ecuador, Pastaza prov., Rio Shiripuno , 27 30.10.2002 (I. Renge); 1♂, Ecuador, Morona Santiago prov., Santiago , 370 m , 27.04.2007, 03°01'16"S, 77°56'52"W (slide 8180) (A. Lindt); 1♂, Peru, Lagunas , 01 GoogleMaps 03.12.2003 (A. Lindt); 1♂, French Guiana, Rte. De Mancibo, Pk 6 , 16.01.1985 (Lalanne Cassou; ZSM / Herbulot); 1♂, French Guiana, St. Laurent du Maroni, Route de Mana PK 10 , 30.01.1986 (de Toulgoet, Lalanne Cassou, Gibeaux; ZSM / Herbulot); 1♂, French Guiana, Envorons de Cayenne, 1989 (de Toulgoet, Navatte, Lalanne Cassou; ZSM / Herbulot); 1♂, northern Brazil, Canal Maturaca , Mission Cauaburi , 0 7.04.1964 (C. Lindemann; ZSM) ; 1♀, Brazil, Amazonas, Rio Negro , 35m, 150km NW Manaus , 24.09.1986 (Kager; ZSM / Sommerer); 1♂, Brazil, Bahia, Umg. Camacan, 15°25’ S, 39°34’ W, 800m, 0 8.2012 (H. Thöny ; coll. Greifenstein). GoogleMaps

Diagnosis. O. decorata is darker than O. flavilimes , O. cristae sp. n. and O. falcata sp. n. described below; wings olive green, with crenulate, light yellow marginal line; male genitalia with valve costa separate and reduced thin filiform; the sterigma of female genitalia is broad and bears a rectangular patch of fine setae.

Description. Wingspan 18–19 mm (Fig. 3). The male antennae are thinly bipectinate, the external and inner rami on the tenth antennal segment are 0.55 and 0.38 mm long, respectively, while the female antennae are filiform ( Cook & Scoble 1995), or finely serrated in the French Guiana material. The palpi are short, reaching the frons in a male and projecting in a female, with the length of the last segment 0.15 mm in a male and 0.24 mm in a female. The wings are dark green with fine rows of olive brown scales intermingled. The distal margin of the wings is edged by a crenulate, light yellow line. The discal spots are small, dark in fore wings and thin, whitish, linear in hind wings. The thorax is dark green dorsally, the abdomen is green with brown crests.

Male genitalia (Fig. 39): The uncus is reduced, the gnathi are long, tapered and almost straight. The valva is deeply split, the costal part reduced to a filiform process, the valvula is spiculate to the tip.

Female genitalia (Fig. 71): The ostium is funnel-shaped, the sterigma bearing a rectangular patch of fine setae.

Genetic data. So far, only sequenced to a short fragment of 164bp (BC ZSM Lep 69638) from a specimen from French Guiana. Nearest neighbour: O. ehakernae nom. nov. (“ O. permagna ” sensu Cook & Scoble (1995) in part, from Costa Rica) (KP2 minimum pairwise distance 3.7%), see below under O. permagna .

Distribution. Brazil (locus typicus: upper Amazonas, Fonte Boa), French Guiana. New country records: Ecuador, Peru.

Biology. the material was collected in lowland tropical forests, in October and January in French Guiana and Ecuador, in December in Peru, in April, August and September in Brazil.


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Oospila decorata ( Prout, 1932 )

Lindt, Aare, Hausmann, Axel & Viidalepp, Jaan 2018

Leptolopha flavilimes

Warren, 1909 : 78
Prout, 1932 : 52
Cook & Scoble 1995 : 9
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