Anapisona pecki Platnick & Shadab, 1979

Dupérré, Nadine & Tapia, Elicio, 2018, Further discoveries on the minuscule spiders from the Chocó region of Ecuador with the description of seven new species of Anapis (Araneae: Anapidae), Zootaxa 4459 (3), pp. 482-506: 499-500

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Anapisona pecki Platnick & Shadab, 1979


Anapisona pecki Platnick & Shadab, 1979 

FiGS 44, 45 View Figure , 60–62, 62aView FIGURES 54–61View FIGURES 62–62.

Type material. FEMalE HolotypE froM Ecuador, PicHiNcHa ProviNcE, 20–30 kM EaSt-NortHEaSt of AlluriquiN oN CHiriboGa road,, MoSS aNd wEt forESt littEr takEN at aN ElEvatioN of 4600 fEEt, BErlESE SaMplE, S. PEck ( FMNHAbout FMNH)  . NOT EXAMINED.

Additional material examined. ECUADOR: Cotopaxi: OTONGA BioloGical RESErvE, 24.v–, sifting moss, 1♀, E. Tapia, C. Tapia, N. Dupérré ( ZMHAbout ZMH)  ; Rio ESMEraldaS (-00.4195 -78.9961) 1,717M, 08– 21. vi.2014, 8 ♂ 1♀, 03–16. viii.2014, 7 ♂ 12♀, 19.ix–02. x.2014, 11 ♂ 7♀, 25.xi–08. xii.2014, 11 ♂ 6♀, pitfall, E. Tapia, C. Tapia, N. Dupérré ( DTC, ZMHAbout ZMH)  ; (-00.41994 -79.00623) 1,997M, 24–30. v.2014, 1 ♀, SiftiNG littEr, BErlESE,–03. vii.2014, 4 ♂6♀, 16.viii–05. ix.2014, 5 ♂8♀, pitfall, E. Tapia, C. Tapia, N. Dupérré (QCAZ); (-00.42180 - 79.01325) 2,225M, 24.v–08. vi.2014, 6 ♂16♀, pitfall, E. Tapia, C. Tapia, N. Dupérré (ZMH). Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas: La UNiÓN dEl ToacHi , OtoNGacHi RESErvE (-00.321295 -78.95163), 900M, 1♂, E. Tapia, N. Dupérré ( ZMHAbout ZMH)  .

Diagnosis. MalES rESEMblES otHEr SpEciES witH coilEd EMboluS ( A. simoni  , A. kethleyi  aNd A. ashmolei  ) but caN bE diStiNGuiSHEd froM A. simoni  by tHE loNGEr briStlES ExtENdiNG furtHEr bEyoNd tHE tip of cyMbiuM, tHE iNNEr oNE SHortEr ( FiGS 44, 45 View Figure ), botH briStlES SHortEr iN tHE lattEr SpEciES (SEE PlatNick & SHadab 1979, fiG. 16); froM A. kethleyi  aNd A. ashmolei  by cyMbiuM witH two SubtErMiNal briStlES ( FiGS 44, 45 View Figure ), tErMiNal briStlES iN tHE lattEr two SpEciES ( PlatNick & SHadab 1979, fiGS. 17, 19). FEMalES May bE rEcoGNizEd froM all SpEciES by tHE SpErMatHEcaE SituatEd abovE tHE pEdicEl (SEE PlatNick & SHadab 1979, fiGS 34, 35).

Description: Male: Total lENGtH: 1.23; carapacE lENGtH: 0.59; carapacE widtH: 0.49; abdoMEN lENGtH: 0.64; abdoMEN widtH: 0.55; clypEuS HEiGHt: 0.28. CEpHalotHorax: CarapacE oraNGE; parS cEpHalica rEticulatEd witH oNE larGE Sulci latErally; cEpHalic GroovE iNcoNSpicuouS, SMootH; parS tHoracica rEticulatEd ( FiG. 60 View Figure ). StErNuM oraNGE, rEticulatEd SuffuSEd witH Gray, loNGEr tHaN widE aNd covErEd witH SEtaE. ClypEuS oraNGE, rEticulatEd. Labral Spur prESENt. CHElicEraE oraNGE, proMarGiN witH tHrEE tEEtH, rEtroMarGiN witHout tEEtH or dENticlES. EyES: 6 EyES, rouNdEd; AME abSENt, ALE SEparatEd by tHEir 3x tHEir diaMEtEr, ALE-PLE coNtiGuouS, LE-PME SEparatEd by SliGHtly MorE tHaN tHEir diaMEtEr, PME coNtiGuouS. AbdoMEN: RouNdEd, witH dorSal oraNGE ScutuM; Soft portioN wHitiSH dorSally, latErally SuffuSEd witH Gray apically ( FiG. 60 View Figure ); SpiNNErEt ScutuM abSENt. LEGS: OraNGE; fEMur I witH vENtral tubErclES, tibiaE I witH oNE prolatEral cuSp, MEtatarSuS I witH two prolatEral cuSpS aNd oNE rEtrolatEral; MEtatarSuS aNd tarSuS II witHout cuSp. GENitalia: Palpal fEMur witH StroNG diStal rEcurvEd apopHySiS; patEllaE witH SMall, rEcurvEd rEtrolatEral apopHySiS; palpal tibia EloNGatEd, poiNtEd apically ( FiGS 44, 45 View Figure ). CyMbiuM witH two curvEd, SubtErMiNal Stiff briStlES ( FiG. 45 View Figure ). EMboluS loNG, witH four coilS ( FiG. 44 View Figure )

Female: SEE PlatNick & SHadab 1979 (p.11, fiGS 34, 35).

Natural History. THiS SpEciES waS collEctEd by pitfall trap bEtwEEN 900–2,225M.

Distribution. Ecuador: PicHiNcHa, SaNto DoMiNGo dE loS TSácHilaS aNd Cotopaxi proviNcES.


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