Pseudanapis domingo Platnick & Shadab, 1979

Dupérré, Nadine & Tapia, Elicio, 2018, Further discoveries on the minuscule spiders from the Chocó region of Ecuador with the description of seven new species of Anapis (Araneae: Anapidae), Zootaxa 4459 (3), pp. 482-506: 500

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Pseudanapis domingo Platnick & Shadab, 1979


Pseudanapis domingo Platnick & Shadab, 1979 

FiG. 59 View Figure , 62, 62a View Figure .

Type material. MalE HolotypE froM Ecuador, PicHiNcHa ProviNcE, 16 kM SoutHEaSt of SaNto DoMiNGo, TiNalaNdia,, forESt littEr, BErlESE, S.B. PEck ( FMNHAbout FMNH)  . NOT EXAMINED.

Additional material examined. ECUADOR: Cotopaxi: OTONGA BioloGical RESErvE (00.41564S 79.00452W), 2,105M, 1♂, 5–19 SEpt. 2014, pitfall trap, E. Tapia, C. Tapia & N. Dupérré ( ZMHAbout ZMH)GoogleMaps  . Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas: La UNiÓN dEl ToacHi , OtoNGacHi RESErvE (00.321295 78.95463W) 900M, 27 xii.2012, 2 ♂, viii.2013, 1 ♂, SiftiNG, E. Tapia, N. Dupérré ( DTC, QCAZAbout QCAZ)  .

Female: UNkNowN.

Distribution: Ecuador: SaNto DoMiNGo dE loS TSácHilaS, PicHiNcHa aNd Cotopaxi proviNcES.


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Museo de Zoologia, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador