Anapis nawchi

Dupérré, Nadine & Tapia, Elicio, 2018, Further discoveries on the minuscule spiders from the Chocó region of Ecuador with the description of seven new species of Anapis (Araneae: Anapidae), Zootaxa 4459 (3), pp. 482-506: 492-496

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Anapis nawchi

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Anapis nawchi  new sPecies

FiGS 30–37View FIGURES 30–34View FIGURES 35–37, 54, 55 View Figure , 62a View Figure .

Material examined. MalE HolotypE froM Ecuador, Cotopaxi ProviNcE, OTONGA BioloGical RESErvE (-00.41564 - 79.00425) 2,105M, 24.v–, pitfall, E. Tapia, C. Tapia, N. Dupérré ( QCAZAbout QCAZ)  . ParatypES: Ecuador, Cotopaxi ProviNcE, OTONGA BioloGical RESErvE (-00.41564 -79.00425) 2,105M, 03–16. viii.2014, 1 ♀, pitfall, E. Tapia, C. Tapia, N. Dupérré ( QCAZAbout QCAZ)  . SaNto DoMiNGo dE loS TSácHilaS, OTONGA BioloGical RESErvE, LaS DaMaS (-00.3951 -78.9810) 1,209M, 16.viii–03. ix.2014, 14 ♂ 2♀, pitfall, E. Tapia, C. Tapia, N. Dupérré ( ZMHAbout ZMH)  .

Additional material examined. ECUADOR: Cotopaxi: OTONGA BioloGical RESErvE (-00.41994 - 79.00623) 1,997M, 20–30. v.2014, 4 ♀, 24.v–08. vi. 2014, 2 ♀, 12. xi.2014, 2 ♀, 13. xi.2014, 2 ♀, GENEral collEctiNG, E. Tapia, C. Tapia, N. Dupérré ( DTC, ZMHAbout ZMH)  ; 03–16. viii.2014, 5 ♀, beating, E. Tapia, C. Tapia, N. Dupérré (ZMH). SaN FraNciSco dE laS PaMpaS, SEctor Rio ESMEraldaS, CaSa CéSar Tapia (-00.42414 -78.95719) 1,485M 13. ix.2013, 1 ♂ 2♀, sifting litter ( DTC)  ; 08. v.2017, 2 ♀, general collecting, E. Tapia, C. Tapia, N. Dupérré (ZMH). Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas: OTONGA BioloGical RESErvE, LaS DaMaS (-00.39506 -78.98100) 1,209M,– 12. vii.2014, 14 ♂ 6♀, 12–23. vii.2014, 7 ♂ 1♀, 23.vii–05. viii.2014, 7 ♂ 1♀, 05–16. viii.2014, 5 ♂ 1♀, pitfall, E. Tapia, C. Tapia, N. Dupérré ( QCAZAbout QCAZ, DTC, ZMHAbout ZMH)  ; La UNiÓN dEl ToacHi , OtoNGacHi RESErvE (-00.321295 -78.95163) 900M, 12–15.viii.2013, SiftiNG littEr, 4♂ 2♀, E. Tapia, N. Dupérré ( ZMHAbout ZMH)  .

Etymology. THE SpEcific NaME iS a NouN iN appoSitioN takEN froM tHE KicHwa laNGuaGE MEaNiNG “poiNtEd”.

Diagnosis. MalES aNd fEMalES caN bE diStiNGuiSHEd by tHEir poiNtEd abdoMEN ( FiGS 35 View Figure , 54, 55 View Figure ). FurtHErMorE, MalES arE EaSily diStiNGuiSHEd froM all SpEciES by tHEir loNG EMboluS ( FiG. 30 View Figure ); froM Anapis chiriboga  MalES arE diStiNGuiSHEd by tHEir SHortEr EMboluS (± 2x tHE lENGtH of palpal bulb) aNd witH oNE baSal loop ( FiG. 30 View Figure , 54 View Figure ), wHErEaS tHE EMboluS iS ḵ 2x tHE lENGtH of tHE palpal bulb aNd witH two loopS iN A. chiriboga  ( PlatNick & SHadab, 1978; fiG. 24; FiG. 58 View Figure ). FEMalES caN bE diStiNGuiSHEd froM A. calima  witH SiMilar triaNGular abdoMEN, by tHEir widE aNd traNSparENt copulatory ductS witH two loopS ( FiG. 36 View Figure ), Narrow aNd witH oNE loop iN tHE lattEr SpEciES ( PlatNick & SHadab, 1978; fiG. 52).

Description. Male (holotype): Total lENGtH: 1.46; carapacE lENGtH: 0.51; carapacE widtH: 0.46; abdoMEN lENGtH: 0.95; abdoMEN widtH: 0.78; clypEuS HEiGHt: 0 19. CEpHalotHorax: CarapacE oraNGE; parS cEpHalica puNctatEd witH Gray MarkiNGS oN dorSal SurfacE aNd about tHE EyE; cEpHalic GroovE puNctatEd; parS tHoracica puNctatEd latErally, GraNulatEd dorSally ( FiG. 54 View Figure ). StErNuM oraNGE-browN, SuffuSEd witH dark Gray, dEEply puNctatEd, loNGEr tHaN widE, covErEd witH SEtaE. Labral Spur prESENt. ClypEuS oraNGE-browN aNd puNctatEd. CHElicEraE oraNGEbrowN, puNctatEd, ExcavatEd MEdially witH oNE baSal, oNE apical tootH aNd dENticulatE platE apically ( FiG. 32 View Figure ). EyES: 6 EyES, rouNdEd; AME abSENt, ALE coNtiGuouS, ALE-PLE coNtiGuouS, LE-PME coNtiGuouS, PME coNtiGuouS. AbdoMEN: PoiNtEd apically witH oraNGE dorSal ScutuM; dorSal Soft portioN witH SMall, rouNdEd SEtoSE SclEritES; latErally SuffuSEd witH 5–6 StripES of dark Gray, altErNatiNG witH rowS of EloNGatEd NoN-SEtoSE SclEritES ( FiG. 54 View Figure ); SpiNNErEt ScutuM coMplEtE. LEGS: OraNGE; MEtatarSuS I witHout cuSpS, tarSuS I witH oNE prolatEral cuSp ( FiG. 33 View Figure ); MEtatarSuS II aNd tarSuS II witHout cuSp ( FiG. 34 View Figure ). GENitalia: Palpal patElla witH SMall vENtrally curvEd rEtrolatEral apopHySiS; tibia witHout tricHobotHriuM, EloNGatEd, poiNtEd rEtrolatEral apopHySiS ( FiG. 30 View Figure ). CyMbiuM cup-SHapEd, ExcavatEd prolatErally ( FiG. 31 View Figure ). EMboluS aNd coNductor loNG aNd SiNuouS witH oNE baSal loop, coNductor vEry faiNtly ridGEd apically ( FiGS 30, 31, 31a View Figure ).

Female (paratype): Total lENGtH: 1.86; carapacE lENGtH: 0.65; carapacE widtH: 0.55; abdoMEN lENGtH: 1.21; abdoMEN widtH: 0.92; clypEuS HEiGHt: 0.11. CEpHalotHorax: SaME coloratioN aNd pattErN of puNctatioN aS MalE ( FiGS 35 View Figure , 55 View Figure ). CHElicEraE aNd StErNuM aS MalE. Labral Spur prESENt. EyES: 6 EyES, rouNdEd; AME abSENt, ALE SEparatEd by 1/4 tHEir diaMEtEr, ALE-PLE coNtiGuouS, LE-PME SEparatEd by tHEir diaMEtEr, PME coNtiGuouS. AbdoMEN: PoiNtEd apically, uNiforMly liGHt to dark Gray witHout ScutuM, witH wHitE Mark dorSally; NuMErouS SEtoSE SclEritES dorSally; latErally witH rowS of NoN-SEtoSE SclEritES ( FiGS 35 View Figure , 55 View Figure ); SpiNNErEt ScutuM coMplEtE. LEGS: OraNGE; MEtatarSuS aNd tarSuS I witH oNE cuSp; MEtatarSuS aNd tarSuS II witHout cuSpS. GENitalia: VENtral ScutuM briGHt oraNGE, viSiblE tHrouGH tHE ScutuM: a pair of rouNdEd SpErMatHEcaE aNd rouNdEd copulatory opENiNGS SEparatEd by tHEir diaMEtEr ( FiG. 36 View Figure ). INtErNal GENitalia witH larGE aNd traNSparENt copulatory ductS, NarrowiNG Gradually, ENdiNG witH two loopS; SpErMatHEcaE rouNdEd; fErtilizatioN ductS loNG, dirEctEd baSally ( FiG. 37 View Figure ).

Distribution. Ecuador: Cotopaxi aNd SaNto DoMiNGo dE loS TSácHilaS ProviNcES.

Natural history. MoSt SpEciMENS wErE collEctEd by pitfall trap bEtwEEN 1,209–1,800M, froM May to AuGuSt.


Museo de Zoologia, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador


Zoologisches Museum Hamburg