Tetra lobatae , Xue, Xiao-Feng & Hong, Xiao-Yue, 2005

Xue, Xiao-Feng & Hong, Xiao-Yue, 2005, Five new species of the genus Te t r a Keifer (Acari: Eriophyoidea) from China, Zootaxa 1067, pp. 37-48: 41

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.170236

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Tetra lobatae

n. sp.

Tetra lobatae  n. sp. ( Fig. 2View FIGURE 2)

Female: (n = 8) Body fusiform, 215 long, 60 wide, 55 thick; light yellow in color. Gnathosoma 17, projecting obliquely down. Prodorsal shield 33 long, 37 wide; prodorsal shield with somewhat acuminate frontal lobe; median line discontinuous, median, admedian and submedian lines connected by transverse line at basal 1 / 3, admedian and submedian lines form two large cells, there are granules on lines. Dorsal tubercles on rear shield margin, 21 apart, scapular setae (sc) 13 projecting posteriorly. Sternal line present. Coxal area with short lines; anterolateral setae on coxisternum I (1 b) 8, proximal setae on coxisternum I (1 a) 10, proximal setae on coxisternum II (2 a) 30. Legs I 33 long, femur 10, basiventral femoral setae (bv) 12; genu 5 long, antaxial genual setae (l'') 20 long; tibia 9, paraxial tibial setae (l') 7, setae located 1 / 3 from dorsal base; tarsus 6 long; tarsal empodium simple, 7 ­rayed, tarsal solenidion tapered. Legs II 29 long, femur 9, basiventral femoral setae (bv) 11; genu 4 long, antaxial genual setae (l'') 7 long; tibia 7; tarsus 6 long; tarsal empodium simple, 7 ­rayed, tarsal solenidion tapered. Dorsal opisthosoma with 41 annuli, with spiny microtubercles ahead of rear annular margins, ventrally with 71 annuli, with spiny microtubercles on rear annular margins. Setae c 2 15 on ventral annulus 10; setae d 25 on ventral annulus 27; setae e 15 on ventral annulus 48; setae f 20 on 5 th ventral annulus from rear. Setae h 1 5 long. Female genitalia 12 long, 20 wide, coverflap with 14 longitudinal ridges, proximal setae on coxisternum III (3 a) 20 long.

Male: (n = 3) 185 long, 40 wide; genitalia 5 long, 15 wide, proximal setae on coxisternum III (3 a) 25 long.

Type data: Holotype, female, from Pueraria lobata (Willd.) Ohwi (Leguminosae)  , Baiyun mountain, Song County, Henan Province, P.R. China, 18 July 2004, coll. X.­F. Xue. Paratypes, 7 females and 3 males, with the same data as holotype.

Relation to host: Vagrant on leaf surface. No damage to the host was observed.

Etymology: Derived from the specific epithet of the type host plant, lobata  .

Note: This species is similar to Tetra puerariae Barké & Davis, 1971  , but can be differentiated by setae h 1 present, dorsal annuli with spiny microtubercles and coxal area with short lines.