Osteochilus kahajanensis chini Karnasuta 1993

Mcmahan, Caleb D. & Mochel, Susan F., 2015, Clarification of type material for Bornean species of the genus Osteochilus (Cyprinidae), Zootaxa 4032 (1), pp. 147-150: 149-150

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Osteochilus kahajanensis chini Karnasuta 1993


Osteochilus kahajanensis chini Karnasuta 1993 

Holotype—FMNH 68230, 127.8mm SL ( Fig. 3View FIGURE 3). Two specimens were originally in lot FMNHAbout FMNH 68230, and both specimens were loaned to the author. The specimens are of different sizes and the individual matching the published SL is recognized as the holotype referenced in Karnasuta (1993).

Paratypes—FMNH 126076. Karnasuta (1993) lists a second specimen of FMNHAbout FMNH 68230 (116.7mm SL) as a paratype, with same locality data as the holotype. Correspondence during the loan transaction corroborates this is the second specimen originally in FMNHAbout FMNH 68230, and was intended to be recognized as a paratype. As this paratype is published but never assigned a unique catalog number, this paratype is assigned FMNHAbout FMNH 126076.

FMNHAbout FMNH 44740. N= 1, as published.

FMNHAbout FMNH 44742. Karnasuta (1993) lists one specimen in this lot, but gives standard lengths ranging from 50.6-93.5mm and collection locality of “Kinabatangan District Dermakot, hill stream.” FMNHAbout FMNH records for this lot, as well as locality and measurement data given in Karnasuta’s original thesis (1981) are identical. This appears to be a typo in Karnasuta (1993), and FMNHAbout FMNH 44742 is indeed one paratype specimen of 90.8mm SL from Labuk District. The erroneous locality and measurement data given for this lot in Karnasuta (1993) actually match what is reported for FMNHAbout FMNH 68229 in his thesis. Correspondence during the loan transaction indicates this material ( FMNHAbout FMNH 68229) was intended for designation as paratypes; however, this was not actually reported in Karnasuta (1993).

FMNHAbout FMNH 44746. N= 2, as published.

FMNHAbout FMNH 68231. N= 1, as published.

FMNHAbout FMNH 68233. Karnasuta (1993), as well as his original thesis, lists one specimen (49.8mm SL) as a paratype of O. kahajanensis chini  . This lot, which includes 32 specimens, was not loaned to Karnasuta and is not mentioned in archived correspondence. Other published information matches data for this lot; however, it is unclear which specimen Karnasuta intended to be a representative paratype from this lot, or if he intended all 32 specimens to be paratypes. Thus, 32 specimens are in this lot and considered paratypes.

FMNHAbout FMNH 68234. N= 10, as published.

FMNHAbout FMNH 68235. N= 1, as published.

FMNHAbout FMNH 68236. N= 1, as published.

FMNHAbout FMNH 68237. N= 49, as published.

FMNHAbout FMNH 68239. N= 1. Karnasuta (1993) lists FMNHAbout FMNH 98239 as a paratype. However this is in error, and the correct catalog number for this paratype of O. kahajanensis chini  is FMNHAbout FMNH 68239. FMNHAbout FMNH correspondence and Karnasuta’s original thesis corroborate this was as a typo in Karnasuta (1993).


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