Mesoconius apa, Marshall, 2019

Marshall, Stephen A., 2019, A revision of the genus Mesoconius Enderlein (Diptera, Micropezidae, Taeniapterinae), European Journal of Taxonomy 548, pp. 1-126 : 99-100

publication ID 10.5852/ejt.2019.548

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Mesoconius apa

sp. nov.

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The species name ʻ apa ʼ is a noun in apposition inspired by the type locality.

Material examined


BOLIVIA • ♀; La Paz, Chulumani, Apa Apa Reserve ; 16°21ʹ15ʺ S, 67°30ʹ24ʺ W; 2000 m a.s.l.; 1 Apr. 2001; S.A. Marshall leg.; DEBUA300-17 sequenced for CO1; CBFC. GoogleMaps

Description (female holotype only)

LENGTH. 17 mm.

COLOUR. Shiny blue-black, except as follows: first flagellomere and mid tarsomere 1 brown; frontal vitta velvety black; fore tarsomeres 1–2 and hind tarsomeres 1–3 white; hind femur with narrow red distomedian band; pleuron, parafacial and subantennal pit silvery. Wing membrane evenly and lightly infuscated, except for a large central clear area in cell r 4+5 and a small pale spot in r 2+3. Abdominal T1 with reddish posterolateral margin; pleural membrane black; oviscape silvery microtrichose dorsally, shiny laterally.

HEAD. Epicephalon and paracephalon smooth and shiny; frontal vitta velvety black, posteriorly narrow and parallel-sided, anteriorly rounded and widely separated from anterior margin of frons. Outer vertical bristle absent, inner vertical bristle strong, postocellar bristle strong, only slightly posterior to inner vertical bristle, area between bristles setulose and microtrichose. Fronto-orbital bristles large, upper bristles inserted at level of upper ocelli. Antennae separated by 1.5 × width of antennal socket, upper face broadly carinate, with broadly raised middle and flat lower face sparsely microtrichose, inner half of subantennal area shiny, outer half and parafacial heavily microtrichose. Clypeus bare medially and microtrichose laterally.

THORAX. Cervical sclerite with a small, shiny, depressed anterior part divided by a carina and a large, elevated, setulose posterior portion. Prosternum microtrichose with a few setulae. Notum microtrichose, with rows of small acrostichal and dorsocentral setulae; postpronotal lobe microtrichose, with some scattered small setulae, anterior face shiny and almost vertical, posterior face microtrichose and almost horizontal. Dorsocentral bristle short (subequal to scutellum). Scutellum with four small discal setulae and very long apical bristles (much longer than scutellum). Katatergite rounded and indistinctly convex. Notopleuron with two widely spaced bristles. Vertical row of katepisternal bristles black. Coxae with anteroventral black setae.

ABDOMEN. T1+2 forming a narrow petiole 3 times as long as T3.













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