Leucotrichia botosaneanui Flint, 1996

Thomson, Robin E., Armitage, Brian J. & Harris, Steven C., 2022, The Trichoptera of Panama. XIX. Additions to and a review of the genus Leucotrichia (Trichoptera, Hydroptilidae) in Panama, ZooKeys 1111, pp. 425-466 : 425

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Leucotrichia botosaneanui Flint, 1996


Leucotrichia botosaneanui Flint, 1996

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This species is similar to L. chiriquiensis , L. hispida Thomson & Holzenthal, 2015, and L. viridis , three species that also occur in Panama. The phallus of all four species has a similar appearance, due to the elongate basal supports of the midlength complex and the small pair of membranous, apical lobes (Fig. 3E, F View Figure 3 ). Leucotrichia botosaneanui can be distinguished by the small, double-pointed mesoventral process on sternum VII, which is longer and much more prominent in the other species.

Material examined.

Panama: Chiriqui Province • 1 male; Cuenca 108; Boquete District; Quebrada Jaramillo ; Finca Monterey ; 8.7632°N, 82.41383°W; 1,214 m a.s.l.; 19-25 Apr. 2018; K. Collier, leg.; Malaise trap; in alcohol; MUPADI GoogleMaps .


Panama, Trinidad, Tobago.