Trogaspidia lingnani (Mickel, 1933)

Williams, Kevin A., Lelej, Arkady S., Okayasu, Juriya, Borkent, Christopher J., Malee, Rufeah, Thoawan, Kodeeyah & Thaochan, Nar, 2019, The female velvet ants (aka modkhong) of southern Thailand (Hymenoptera: Mutillidae), with a key to the genera of southeast Asia, Zootaxa 4602 (1), pp. 1-69: 46

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Trogaspidia lingnani (Mickel, 1933)

stat. nov.

30e. Trogaspidia lingnani (Mickel, 1933)  , stat. nov.

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Timulla (Trogaspidia) suspiciosa lingnani Mickel, 1933b: 310  , ♂.

Trogaspidia suspiciosa lingmami: Chen 1957: 170  , ♂.

Trogaspidia sibylla lingnani: Lelej 2005:102  , ♂

Diagnosis. FEMALE. This species can be recognized by the following characters: the legs are entirely black, the scutellar scale is transverse and ~3 punctures wide, the T1 fringe is predominantly black, the felt line on T2 is simple, the T2 apex has a medially-interrupted band of pale golden setae, T3 has an entire band of pale golden setae, T4 lacks a pale setal band, and the pygidium is broad and striate nearly to the apex. Body length 9.5–11.5 mm. MALE. See Mickel (1933b).

Material examined. Type material. Paratype of Timulla (Trogaspidia) suspiciosa lingnani  , ♂, CHINA, Hainan, Beggar Village , SW of Nodoa, 16.VII.1929, Lingnan University Fifth Hainan Island Expedition ( SYSM)  . Other material (9 ♀ and 3 males). LAOS, Attapeu Province, Thong Kai Ohk, Ban Kachung environs, 1200–1450 m, 15 o 0 1'N 107 o 26'E, 10–24.VI.2011, M. Brancucci, M. Geiser, D. Hauck, Z. Kraus, A. Phantala, and E. Vongphachan (4♀ RHMB)GoogleMaps  ; Khammouan Province, Nakai-Nam Theun NPA, Ban Nav Vang environs, 600–750 m, 17 o 57'N 105 o 13'E, 18–21.V.2012, M. Brancucci, M. Geiser, K. Phanthavong, and S. Xayalath (1♀ RHMB)GoogleMaps  . THAILAND: Nakhon Si Thammarat, 4.4 km N Hin Tok, Mountainside rubber farm, 8.303 o N 99.849 o E, 8.IV.2017, MKT (1♀ CSCA)GoogleMaps  ; Satun, Tarutao Island, Ao Son , 15.III.1993, G.R. Balmer (1♀ UCRC)  ; Surat Thani, Khlong Sok: Khao Sok Jungle Huts , 8.909 o N 99.526 o E, 70 m: 14.V.2018, MKT (2♀ CSCA)GoogleMaps  ; 25–26.V.2018, MKT (1♂ CSCA)  ; Our Jungle House resort, 8.908 o N 99.534 o E, 75 m, 25–27.V.2018, MKT (1♀ CSCA)GoogleMaps  ; Khao Lak , 50 m, 8 o 54'28"N 98 o 31'51"E, 20–21.II.2005, G.R. Balmer (1♀ 1♂ in copula, UCRC)GoogleMaps  .

Distribution. China (Anhui, Fujian, Hainan, Jiangsu, Zheijiang), Laos * (Attapeu, Khammouan), Thailand * (Nakhon Si Thammarat, Satun, Surat Thani).

Remarks. This species was until now treated as a subspecies of T. sibylla ( Smith, 1857)  from Borneo and Indonesia. Females can readily be separated from T. sibylla  and T. pendleburyi (Pagden, 1934)  from peninsular Malaysia because those species lack the interrupted band of golden setae at the T2 apex.


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Trogaspidia lingnani (Mickel, 1933)

Williams, Kevin A., Lelej, Arkady S., Okayasu, Juriya, Borkent, Christopher J., Malee, Rufeah, Thoawan, Kodeeyah & Thaochan, Nar 2019

Trogaspidia suspiciosa lingmami:

Chen, C. 1957: 170

Trogaspidia sibylla lingnani:

Lelej, A. S. 2005: 102