Physetopoda thai Lelej, 1995

Williams, Kevin A., Lelej, Arkady S., Okayasu, Juriya, Borkent, Christopher J., Malee, Rufeah, Thoawan, Kodeeyah & Thaochan, Nar, 2019, The female velvet ants (aka modkhong) of southern Thailand (Hymenoptera: Mutillidae), with a key to the genera of southeast Asia, Zootaxa 4602 (1), pp. 1-69: 24

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Physetopoda thai Lelej, 1995


12a. Physetopoda thai Lelej, 1995 

( Figs 11View FIGURES 1–28, 71–76View FIGURES 68–76)

Physotopoda thai Lelej 1995b: 15  , ♀; 2005: 51; Okayasu et al. 2018: 308.

Diagnosis. FEMALE. This species can be recognized by its T2 pattern, which has one basomedial spot, one apicomedial spot, and two apicolateral spots. Other useful diagnostic features include: the clypeus has a basomedial tooth; the vertex has a transverse patch of silver to golden setae; the mesosoma is longer than wide; the scutellar scale is posteriorly rounded and surrounded by scattered tubercles; and the pygidium is smooth. Body length 3.5–7.5 mm. MALE. Unknown.

Material examined (150 ♀). LAOS, Bolikhamsay Province   , Ban Phone Kham environs, 200–300 m, 18 o 19'N 104 o 0 8'E, 2317 o 20'N 101 o 20'E, 23–29.V.2011, M. Brancucci, M. Geiser, D. Hauck, Z. Kraus, A. Phantala, and E. Vongphachan (1♀ RHMB)GoogleMaps  . MYANMAR, Northeast, Sadon , 1200 m, 28.VI–5.VII, Malaise trap (2♀ RMNH)  . THAILAND: Chiang Mai, Rim Pa Huay Tong , 18.542 o N 98.954 o E, 250 m, 10–20.VIII.1997, Malaise trap in field at edge of mixed deciduous forest, S. Sonthichai (1♀ EMUS)GoogleMaps  ; Krabi, 14 km NNE Krabi, Phnom Bencha Mountain Resort, 8.208 o N 98.937 o E, 80 m, 2.IV.2017, MKT (5♀ CSCA)GoogleMaps  ; Loei, Phu Ruea National Park, Rong huay hin gao, 17 o 29.943'N 101 o 20.456'E, 1184 m, litter sample, 19–22.X.2006, N. Jarochenai, T627 (1♀ QSBG)GoogleMaps  ; Nakhon Ratchasima, Sakaerat , env[irons] res[earch] centre, 15.IX.2001, K. Eguchi (2♀ SKYC)  ; Nakhon Si Thammarat, 4.4 km N Hin Tok, Mountainside rubber farm, 8.303 o N 99.849 o E, 7–8.IV.2017, MKT (5♀ CSCA)GoogleMaps  ; Phatthalung, 2.4 km S Ban Na, Farm , 7.543 o N 99.883 o E, 50 m, 10.IV.2017, MKT (1♀ CSCA)GoogleMaps  ; Phetchabun, Nam Nao National Park, Forest Checkpoint , 16 o 43.695'N 101 o 33.797'E, 921m, pan traps, 26–27.X.2006, N. Hongyothi, T1006 (1♀ QSBG)GoogleMaps  ; Phetchaburi, Kaeng Krachan, Baan Maka Nature Lodge , 12.840 o N 99.590 o E, 140 m: 16.V.2018, MKT (5♀ CSCA)GoogleMaps  ; 22–23.V.2018, MKT (10♀ CSCA)  ; Sakon Nakhon, Phu Phan National Park, behing Huay Wien Prai Forest Unit, 17 o 0 6.847'N 104 o 0 0.302'E, 376 m, pan traps, 2–3.VIII.2006, V. Khongnara, T496 (1♀ QSBG)GoogleMaps  ; Songkhla, Hat Yai, Prince of  Songkhla University , forest edge, 7.008 o N 100.508 o E, 40 m, 11–12.IV.2017, MKT (98♀ CSCA EMUS MIUP PSUC QSBG)GoogleMaps  ; Surat Thani, Khlong Sok: Khao Sok Jungle Huts , 8.909 o N 99.526 o E, 70 m: 14.V.2018, MKT (1♀ CSCA)GoogleMaps  ; 25–26.V.2018, MKT (12♀ CSCA)  ; Our Jungle House resort, 8.908 o N 99.534 o E, 75 m, 25–27.V.2018, MKT (3♀ CSCA)GoogleMaps  ; Ubon Ratchathani, Pha Taem National Park , 15 o 31.985'N 105 o 35.774'E, 155 m, pan traps, 10–11.IX.2006, M. Sai-ngam, T886 (1♀ QSBG)GoogleMaps  .

Distribution. Laos *, Myanmar *, Thailand (Chiang Mai, Krabi, Loei, Nakhon Ratchasima, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phatthalung, Phetchabun, Phetchaburi, Sakhon Nakhon, Songkhla, Surat Thani, Ubon Ratchathani).

Remarks. This species was described based on a single specimen from Chiang Mai; nearly 150 specimens have since been examined, allowing us to discuss intraspecific variation for this interesting species. The mesosoma varies from uniform reddish ( Figs 71, 72View FIGURES 68–76) to largely infuscated dorsally and posteriorly ( Fig. 73View FIGURES 68–76). The metasomal setal spots vary from bright golden ( Fig. 71View FIGURES 68–76) to pale whitish gray ( Fig. 72View FIGURES 68–76). The shape of the posterior T2 spot varies from a nearly equilateral triangle ( Fig. 72View FIGURES 68–76) to broadly obtuse triangle ( Fig. 73View FIGURES 68–76). There can be a medial setal spot on T3 ( Figs 72, 73View FIGURES 68–76) or T3 can lack such a medial spot ( Fig. 71View FIGURES 68–76). The body length varies from 3.5 to 7.5 mm.


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California State Collection of Arthropods


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Physetopoda thai Lelej, 1995

Williams, Kevin A., Lelej, Arkady S., Okayasu, Juriya, Borkent, Christopher J., Malee, Rufeah, Thoawan, Kodeeyah & Thaochan, Nar 2019


Lelej 1995: 15