Microcentrum gurupi (Piza, 1979)

Chamorro-Rengifo, Juliana & Braun, Holger, 2010, The Tettigoniidae (Orthoptera) described by Salvador de Toledo Piza Jr. and deposited in the collection of the University of São Paulo, Escola Superior de Agricultura " Luiz de Queiroz ", Braz, Zootaxa 2635, pp. 41-66: 57

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Microcentrum gurupi (Piza, 1979)

comb. nov.

Microcentrum gurupi (Piza, 1979)  comb. nov.

Malkinia gurupi Piza, 1979 

Malkinia Piza, 1979  syn. nov. of Microcentrum Scudder, 1862 

The description does not compare Malkinia  to any other genus, but mentions that it is distinguished from other genera by the ventrally rounded fore and middle femora as well as the presence of styli. Apart from the slightly more transparent tegmina, Piza’s two male specimens look like typical members of the large genus Microcentrum  . And for example M. lanceolatum  and M. marginatum  do have styli, even longer ones than M. gurupi  .