Hyperphrona punctulata Brunner

Chamorro-Rengifo, Juliana & Braun, Holger, 2010, The Tettigoniidae (Orthoptera) described by Salvador de Toledo Piza Jr. and deposited in the collection of the University of São Paulo, Escola Superior de Agricultura " Luiz de Queiroz ", Braz, Zootaxa 2635, pp. 41-66: 56

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Hyperphrona punctulata Brunner


Hyperphrona punctulata Brunner  von Wattenwyl, 1891

Mesaphyllum peruvianum Piza, 1971  syn. nov.

Mesapyllum Piza, 1971 syn. nov. of Hyperphrona Brunner  von Wattenwyl, 1878

This genus, created for a male specimen from northeastern Peru (Río Amazonas, Iquitos), is compared to Coelophyllum  (now synonym of Itarissa  ). Within the genus group Phyllopterae it fits much better in Hyperphrona  , and is without much doubt identical with H. punctulata  , described from the upper Amazon. It has longer tegmina and hind femora than the male syntype of that species, but venation and stridulatory area of the tegmina, shape of pronotum, and particularly the cerci coincide very well. The female syntype of H. punctulata  shows the same darkened clypeus as Piza’s specimen. On the latter’s tegmina is visible a line of faint orangish spots above the radial vein, apparently the eponymous “ serie punctorum ferrugineorum ” of Brunner von Wattenwyl’s species.