Hyperophora galloi (Piza, 1971)

Chamorro-Rengifo, Juliana & Braun, Holger, 2010, The Tettigoniidae (Orthoptera) described by Salvador de Toledo Piza Jr. and deposited in the collection of the University of São Paulo, Escola Superior de Agricultura " Luiz de Queiroz ", Braz, Zootaxa 2635, pp. 41-66: 56

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Hyperophora galloi (Piza, 1971)

comb. nov.

Hyperophora galloi (Piza, 1971)  comb. nov.

Galloa galloi Piza, 1971 

Galloa Piza, 1971  syn. nov. of Hyperophora Brunner  von Wattenwyl, 1878

In the description the genus Galloa  is only compared with the also monospecific African genus Corymeta Brunner  von Wattenwyl, 1878. In Brunner’s key to genera this genus is separated from six New World genera by posteriorly dilated lateral lobes of the pronotum and a pistillate male anal segment. Piza’s male specimen lacks both these characters, and among the group of other genera it fits very well into Hyperophora  .