Cocculina Dall, 1882

Zhang, Shuqian & Zhang, Suping, 2018, Cocculina delphinicula sp. nov., a new cocculinid species from whale bone in the East China Sea (Gastropoda: Cocculiniformia), Zootaxa 4455 (1), pp. 189-195: 190

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Cocculina Dall, 1882


Genus Cocculina Dall, 1882

Type species. Cocculina rathbuni Dall, 1882  (subsequent designation by Dall, 1908), northwestern Atlantic, Recent.

Diagnosis. According to Marshall (1986) with minor emendations regarding sculpture and radula characters.

Shell small to medium sized (up to 12 mm long), strongly depressed to strongly arched, apex located in central or posterior position. Protoconch with reticulate sculpture. Teleoconch sculptured with concentric growth lines and/or radial riblets. Periostracum smooth. Radula has a formula of n+5+1+5+n, rachidian and first lateral tooth always obsolete. Copulatory organ large, at tip of right oral lappet. Two epipodial tentacle present. For detailed internal and other external anatomy, see Haszprunar (1987).