Ammophila antoninae Danilov

Dаnilov, Yuriy N., 2018, Four new species of the digger wasp genus Ammophila W. Kirby, 1798 (Hymenoptera, Sphecidae) from Central Asia, Zootaxa 4457 (2), pp. 332-338: 332-333

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Ammophila antoninae Danilov

sp. nov.

Ammophila antoninae Danilov  , sp. nov.

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Diagnosis. The male of A. antoninae  closely resembles A. terminata turkestana Kohl, 1906  ( Figs 7–9 View Figure ) in having the glabrous propodeal enclosure, in the poorly represented appressed silvery setae on the body, and in having the pronotal collar and scutum finely transversely striate, but it is easily differentiated by the characteristically shaped penis valve ( Figs 5–6 View Figure , 9 View Figure ), and in having the clypeus with well-defined lateral angles (lateral angles absent in A. terminata turkestana  ) ( Figs 3 View Figure , 8 View Figure ). The female is unknown.

Description. Male. Body length 15 mm. Head. Clypeus elongate, apical margin moderately concave with well-defined lateral angle ( Fig. 3 View Figure ). Clypeus, subantennal sclerite, and paraocular area with dense appressed silvery setae. Head with black erect setae. Vertex, occiput, and gena microsculptured, punctate; punctures 1–4 diameters apart. Mandible and palpi black. Mesosoma  . Pronotum shiny, slightly prominent ( Fig. 2 View Figure ), finely transversely striate, sparsely punctate. Scutum slightly shiny, finely transversely striate anteriorly, finely obliquely striate posteriorly. Scutellum longitudinally rugose. Mesopleuron and metapleuron dull, microsculptured, slightly rugose, with inconspicuous sparse appressed silvery setae (setae denser ventrally). Propodeal enclosure glabrous, dull, obliquely striate. Propodeum shiny, rugose, with inconspicuous spot of appressed silvery setae posteriorly. Tegula black and translucent posteriorly. Erect setae black. Wings hyaline; veins dark brown; costal vein black. Legs black with sparse appressed silvery setae. Claws without teeth. Metasoma. T1-T3 and S1-S3 (excluding petiole) red; petiole black; T4-T7 and S4-S7 black with blue reflexes. Penis valve characteristically shaped: massive, broad, and semicircularly convex dorsally ( Figs 5–6 View Figure ).

Female. Unknown.

Material examined: Holotype. ♂, TАJIKISTАN. Sughd Province: Hissar Range in Pamir-Аlay mountain system, Lake Iskanderkul [39°04′N 68°21′E], 10.VII.1947, А. N. Kirichenko ( ZISPAbout ZISP).GoogleMaps 

Distribution: Tajikistan.

Name Derivation. Named in honor of my wife Аntonina.


Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences