Acasta Leach, 1817

Kolbasov, Gregory A., Chan, Benny K. K., Molodtsova, Tina N. & Achituv, Yair, 2016, Revision of the coral-inhabiting genus Conopea (Cirripedia: Archaeobalanidae) with description of two new species of the genera Conopea and Acasta, Zootaxa 4178 (2), pp. 182-208: 192

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Acasta Leach, 1817


Genus Acasta Leach, 1817  

Diagnosis. Archaeobalanids with shell with thin, feebly connected compartments, basal parts of rostrum and carina not elongated, radii with oblique summits, parietes solid, usually with internal longitudinal ribs, wall plates often separated by splits or windows covered by delicate membrane; basis not elongated, deeply cup-shaped, rarely flat, margin often serrated; scutum with or without external radial striation; segments of anterior ramus of cirrus IV either bearing hooks or thorns or lacking them. The genus Acasta   includes of 38 epizoic species from tropical and temperate seas, inhabiting sponges, alcyonaceans and antipatharians. Type species Acasta spongites (Poli, 1791)   .