Pattersoncypris Bate, 1972

Almeida-Lima, Débora Soares De, Piovesan, Enelise Katia, Sayão, Juliana Manso & Lima, Flaviana Jorge De, 2020, Description and ontogeny of Pattersoncypris minima sp. nov. (Crustacea Ostracoda), Araripe Basin, Northeast Brazil, Zootaxa 4851 (1), pp. 171-179 : 174

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4851.1.8

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Pattersoncypris Bate, 1972


Genus Pattersoncypris Bate, 1972 View in CoL

Type-species: Pattersoncypris micropapillosa Bate, 1972 View in CoL

Remarks: The relationship between Cyprididae representatives of the genera Harbinia Tsao, 1959 and Pattersoncypris Bate, 1972 has been debated since Do Carmo (1998). Do Carmo et al. (2008) discusses the taxonomic aspects involving Harbinia, formalizing Pattersoncypris as its junior synonym and reallocating four subspecies of Hourcqia angulata Krömmelbein & Weber, 1971 in the genus Harbinia. Both proposals were refused subsequently by Poropat & Colin (2012b) who reviewed these taxa and suggested the revalidation of Pattersoncypris and Hourcqia Krömmelbein, 1965 , describing also the new genus Kroemmelbeincypris Poropat & Colin, 2012 . This proposal has also received criticism, Do Carmo et al. (2013) argued that features considered by Poropat & Colin (2012b) are shared with the Harbinia genus, further pointing out that one of the distinctive characters for the description of the Kroemmelbeincypris causes dichotomy within the clade itself, since the anteroventral inclined posterior end, which separates them from Harbinia, is not present in K. symmetrica Poropat & Colin, 2012 . In view of the actual knowledge concerning the taxonomy of the genera discussed above, the authors have chosen to allocate the new species in Pattersoncypris for now.











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