Cyrtodactylus interdigitalis,

Luu, Vinh Quang, Bonkowski, Michael, Nguyen, Truong Quang, Le, Minh Duc, Schneider, Nicole, Ngo, Hanh Thi & Ziegler, Thomas, 2016, Evolution in karst massifs: Cryptic diversity among bent-toed geckos along the Truong Son Range with descriptions of three new species and one new country record from Laos, Zootaxa 4107 (2), pp. 101-140: 135

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Cyrtodactylus interdigitalis


Cyrtodactylus interdigitalis  group

Species. C. interdigitalis  .

Characters. Adult SVL 80.0 mm, supranasal single; dorsal tubercle rows 18; webbing between fingers and toes present; tubercles on limbs present; number of precoacal and femoral pores in males 16–18; postcloacal tubercles 1–2; tail dorsally with tubercles; without enlarged subcaudals; dorsal body blotched or ambiguous.

Distribution. The species is known to occur in central Laos including Vientiane and Khammouane provinces. It is adapted as a tree-dweller, but in contrast to the C. irregularis  species group that lives near the base of trees, C. interdigitalis  is found higher on tree trunks and in tree crowns.