Sertularella leiocarpa (Allman, 1888),

Galea, Horia R., 2010, Notes on a small collection of thecate hydroids (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) from Tristan da Cunha, south Atlantic, Zootaxa 2336, pp. 1-18: 14

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Sertularella leiocarpa (Allman, 1888)


Sertularella leiocarpa (Allman, 1888) 

– this species was originally ascribed to the genus Sertularia Linnaeus, 1758  . The type material was fertile at the time of collection from off Nightingale Island (Allman 1888, Challenger Stn. 135c, depth 201 m). Additional records are from Namibia (Gili et al. 1989), scattered localities in the South and Southeast Indian Ocean (Stechow 1925, Vervoort 1966, Millard 1975, Gravier- Bonnet 1979), New Caledonia (Vervoort 1993), and New Zealand (Vervoort & Watson 2003).