Sinoxizicus breviatus Gorochov & Kang, 2005

Wang, Hanqiang & Liu, Xianwei, 2018, Studies in Chinese Tettigoniidae: Recent discoveries of Meconematinae katydids from Xizang, China (Tettigoniidae: Meconematinae), Zootaxa 4441 (2), pp. 225-244: 233-234

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Sinoxizicus breviatus Gorochov & Kang, 2005


Sinoxizicus breviatus Gorochov & Kang, 2005 

( Figs. 28–36 View Figure ) Orthoptera

Sinoxizicus breviatus: Gorochov, Liu & Kang, 2005  , Oriental Insects, 39:71.

Supplemental description: Male. Body small-sized. Fastigium verticis conical, protruding forward, obtuse apically and furrowed dorsally ( Fig. 28–30 View Figure ). Apical segment terminally expanded and as long as preceding one of the maxillary palpi. Compound eyes oval, projecting anteriorly. Pronotum elongate posteriorly, metazona gently elevated, lateral lobes lower, humeral sinus absent. Tegmina merely reached the abdominal terminal, apex rounded, longer than hind wings. Fore coxa each bearing a spine, each femur unarmed, tibial ventral spurs short, type 4, 4 (1, 1) of fore tibiae, 5 internal and 4 external spurs of mid tibiae; 20–22 dorsal spines armed on each margin above of hind tibiae which bears 3 pairs of apical spurs. Posterior edge of 10th abdominal tergite with a pair of small tubercle. Cerci short, internal surface concave, forming an upper and a lower expanded lobe, of which ventral lobe apically swollen; the apical half compressed, terminal obliquely truncate ( Figs. 31–34 View Figure ). Posterior edge of subgenital plate rounded, with a median incision in some specimens, styli short and thin. Concealed genitalia entirely membranous ( Figs. 33, 34 View Figure ).

Female. Cerci rather short, conical. Subgenital plate transverse, hind margin sinuate ( Figs. 35, 36 View Figure ). Ventral valve of ovipositor shorter than the dorsal valve, with an inconspicuous apical hook.

Coloration: Body pale brown and blackish, variegated. Vertex and frons darkish brown, rostrum yellowish brown, the antenna with darkish rings. Pronotum pale brown, anterior area with 2 dark spots, metazona bearing 2 patches or 4 darkish longitudinal stripes, lateral lobes largely darkish black ( Fig. 28–30 View Figure ). Legs with darkish rings, irregular darkish brown slashes on hind femora. Tegmina grayish brown, with clear darkish brown spots. Dorsal surface of abdomen blackish brown; ventral surface darkish brown, cerci yellowish.

Measurements (mm): Body ♂ 9.0–10.0, ♀ 10.0–12.0; pronotum ♂ 4.0, ♀ 3.5–3.8; tegmina ♂ 7.0–7.5, ♀ 8.0– 8.5; hind femora ♂ 8.5–9.0, ♀ 10.5; ovipositor ♀ 8.0.

Type locality and preservation: Weigong , Bomi County, Xizang province  ; type specimens are kept in IZCAS.

Material examined: 1♂ 1♀, Hanmi , Medog County, Xizang province, alt. 2200m, 2005. VIII.14, leg. TANG Linag  ; 6♂♂ 1♀, Hanmi , Medog County, Xizang province, alt. 2100m, 2011. VII.23 ~ VIII.7, leg. BI Wen-Xuan. 

Distribution: China (Xizang).














Sinoxizicus breviatus Gorochov & Kang, 2005

Wang, Hanqiang & Liu, Xianwei 2018


Sinoxizicus breviatus

: Gorochov, Liu & Kang 2005