Nigrimacula beybienkoi

Wang, Hanqiang & Liu, Xianwei, 2018, Studies in Chinese Tettigoniidae: Recent discoveries of Meconematinae katydids from Xizang, China (Tettigoniidae: Meconematinae), Zootaxa 4441 (2), pp. 225-244: 231-233

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Nigrimacula beybienkoi

sp. nov.

Nigrimacula beybienkoi  sp. nov.

( Figs. 14–27 View Figure ) Orthoptera

Material: Holotype ♂, Paratype 4♂♂ 2♀♀, Bomi County, Xizang province, alt. 2200m, 2011. VIII.31, leg. BI Wen-Xuan. 

Description: Fastigium of vertex conical, apex obtuse, dorsum with a media sulcus ( Fig. 15, 16 View Figure ). Last two segments of maxillary palpi about equal in lengths. Compound eyes oval, roundly protruding forward. Metazona longer than prozona, little elevated; posterior edge of lateral lobes of pronotum oblique, humeral sinus faint ( Fig. 18 View Figure ). Tegmina hardly exceeding apex of hind femora, wings shorter than tegmina. Each femur unarmed, fore tibiae with ventral spurs internally and externally of type 4, 4 (1, 1), hind tibiae bearing 16–18 dorsal spines each margin above and 3 pairs of apical spurs. Posterior edge of 10th abdominal tergite truncate, little incised in the middle. Cerci straight, dorsal margin expanded as a lobe in apical half, apical angle of this lobe roundly sharp; ventral edge roundly thick bearing an apical internal denticle ( Figs. 19–23 View Figure ). Subgenital plate longer than wide, edge truncated of the terminal, with a pair of slender styli ( Fig. 20, 22, 23 View Figure ).

Female. Roughly similar to male. Cerci nearly conical ( Fig. 26, 27 View Figure ). Subgenital plate elongate, apical half tapered, hind margin circularly notched, lateral angle sharply protruding ( Fig. 24, 25 View Figure ). Ovipositor moderately upcurved, an inconspicuous small hook at the apex of the ventral valve ( Fig. 26, 27 View Figure ).

Coloration: Generally yellowish (Maybe greenish in life). Disc of fastigium verticis with a blackish stripe on sulcus ( Fig. 15, 16 View Figure ). Disc of pronotum with a pale brown longitudinal band and a pair of short blackish stripe on the anterior portion ( Fig. 15, 16 View Figure ). Tegmina with conspicuous darkish spots. Dorsal spines of hind tibiae darkish brown.

Measurements (mm): Body ♂ 8.5, ♀ 9.0; pronotum ♂ 3.5, ♀ 3.3; tegmina ♂ 8.0, ♀ 9.0; hind femora ♂ 7.0, ♀ 8.0; ovipositor ♀ 6.0.

Discussion: This new species is quite similar to Nigrimacula binotata  reported by Shi, Bian & Zhou (2016) which is also from Xizang, but the only male (type) of latter speciesis badly collapsed on genital segment so that to compare them directly is not possible, but the tegmina of this species are much shorter and hind wings are not exposed. Furthermore, the subgenital plate of the female is totally different.

Etymology: The species named after the great Russian Orthopterists Grigory Y. Bey-Bienko.

Distribution: China (Xizang).