Wang, Hanqiang & Liu, Xianwei, 2018, Studies in Chinese Tettigoniidae: Recent discoveries of Meconematinae katydids from Xizang, China (Tettigoniidae: Meconematinae), Zootaxa 4441 (2), pp. 225-244: 226-227

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gen. nov.

Genus Allogrigoriora  gen. nov.

Type species: Allogrigoriora carinata  sp. nov., here designated

Generic diagnosis: Body medium-sized. Fastigium of vertex conical, apex obtuse, dorsally furrowed. Last two segments of maxillary palpi equal in length. Lateral lobes of pronotum slightly notched in the posterior edge. Wings fully developed, hind wings longer than tegmina. Tibial tympana open on both sides, the apex of hind femora bearing 3 pairs of apical spurs. Posterior margin of male 10th abdominal tergite shallowly concave. Male cerci moderately elongate, bearing lobes or processes, styli absent. Concealed genitalia entirely membranous.

Discussion: This new genus closely is related to Grigoriora  but differs in the morphology of the lobes or processes of male cerci and absence of styli on the subgenital plate.

Etymology: The name is derived from the generic name Grigoriora  with the prefix ‘Allo-’, indicating its relationship with genus Grigoriora  .