Apedunculata Cuglianna, Cordeiro & Luque, 2009, Cuglianna, Cordeiro & Luque, 2009

Monteiro, Cassandra Moraes & Brasil-Sato, Marilia Carvalho, 2014, A new species of Anacanthoroides and redescription of Apedunculata discoidea (Monogenoidea) parasitizing Prochilodus argenteus (Actinopterygii) from the São Francisco River, Brazil, Zootaxa 3784 (3), pp. 259-266: 262

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Apedunculata Cuglianna, Cordeiro & Luque, 2009


Apedunculata Cuglianna, Cordeiro & Luque, 2009  

Amended diagnosis. Body disk-shaped, divided into cephalic region, trunk and haptor. Peduncle very short or absent. Tegument thin. Eyes 4. Pharynx muscular, glandular; intestinal caeca 2, confluent in posterior trunk, lacking diverticula. Gonads overlapping, testis dorsal to germarium. Vas deferens apparently looping left caecum, seminal vesicle a dilatation of the vas deferens; prostatic reservoir at the level of the anterior portion of caeca. Copulatory complex comprising sclerotised male copulatory organ, accessory piece. Male copulatory organ a coiled sclerotised tube with counterclockwise rings. Accessory piece not articulated to male copulatory organ. Seminal receptacle anterior to testis. Vagina sclerotised; vaginal aperture slightly sclerotised, sinistrolateral. Vitellaria follicular. Haptor with 7 pairs of hooks, 5 pairs ventral and 2 pairs dorsal; hooks comprising shank of two subunits; ventral bar V shape with a central orifice; dorsal bar elongated with two median posterior projections; pairs of ventral and dorsal anchors with shaft and base differentiated, deep roots. Parasites from the gills of prochilodontid fish.