Birdantis trilineata ( Schmidt, 1926 )

Constant, Jérôme, 2018, Review of the Maluku Islands species of the lanternfly genus Birdantis Stål, 1863, with a new species and identification key (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Fulgoridae), European Journal of Taxonomy 461, pp. 1-20: 14-18

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Birdantis trilineata ( Schmidt, 1926 )

stat. rev.

Birdantis trilineata ( Schmidt, 1926)  stat. rev.

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Myrilla trilineata Schmidt, 1926: 228  (described).

Myrilla trilineata  – Metcalf 1947: 84 (catalogued).

Birdantis delibuta  – Lallemand 1963: 11 (treated as a junior synonym of B. delibuta  (error!)). — Fennah 1977: fig. 7 (anal tube (of a specimen of B. trilineata  erroneously attributed to B. delibuta  !)). — Nagai & Porion 1996: 14 (treated as a junior synonym of B. delibuta  (error!)), pl. 3, fig. 56 (habitus (specimen of B. trilineata  from Ambon Island erroneously attributed to B. delibuta  !)).


This species can be separated from all other species of Birdantis  by the following combination of characters:

(1) frons yellow-brown, with three black-brown lines limited dorsally to level of middle of eyes, and with the two lateral ones extending on clypeus ( Figs 7D View Figure , 8D View Figure )

(2) bulge between frons and vertex dark brown and vertex yellow-brown ( Figs 7B View Figure , 8B View Figure )

(3) tegmina opaque on basal half and infuscate on distal half ( Figs 7A View Figure , 8A View Figure )

(4) hind wings largely smoky, with a basal reddish brown marking ( Figs 7A View Figure , 8A View Figure )

(5) abdomen mostly dark red dorsally ( Figs 7A View Figure , 8A View Figure ) and yellow-brown ventrally ( Figs 7C View Figure , 8C View Figure )

(6) anterior margin of frons in dorsal view rounded and strongly protruding ( Figs 7B View Figure , 8B View Figure )

Material examined

Lectotype INDONESIA: ♀ (designated to improve nomenclatural stability in the group, Fig. 7 View Figure ), Buru Island, 3°23′55″ S, 126°38′54″ E [Buru 1921, Station: 1 leg. L.J. Toxopeus] [E. Schmidt] [Typus] [ Myrilla trilineata Schmidt  ♀, Edm. Schmidt determ. 1926.] [* trilineata Schmidt 1926  ] [Mus. Zool. Polonicum Warszawa Typus n. 1211 Myrilla trilineata Schmidt, 1926  Syntypus] [Mus. Zool. Polonicum Warszawa 12/45] (ZMPA).GoogleMaps 

Paralectotype INDONESIA: ♀, Buru Island , same collection data as for lectotype (ZMPA). 

Other material

INDONESIA: 1 ♀, Boano Island   GoogleMaps, 2°59′ S, 127°55′ E, Aug. 2013 [I.G.: 32.613] ( RBINSAbout RBINS);  1 ♂, W Seram Island, Waipia, 2°58′30″ S, 129°09′40″ E, 600–800 m a.s.l., Jun. 2013 [I.G.: 32.613] ( RBINSAbout RBINS);  1 spec. (abdomen lost; “ vittiventris ” Walker, in litt.), Ambon Island, 3°38′ S, 128°07′ E, Wallace leg. ( BMNH)  .

Supplementary description

Male genitalia

Pygofer higher than long, about 2.0 times as high as maximum length, longer ventrally and abruptly narrowing on dorsal ½ in lateral view; dorsal margin of pygofer horizontal in lateral view ( Fig. 9A View Figure ). Anal tube elongate, about 1.5 times as long as maximum breadth, nearly straight with ventral margin sligtly curved in lateral view; progressively broadening from base towards ¾ of length in dorsal view, then with lateral margins converging; apical margin strongly, roundly emarginate in dorsal view, acutely rounded in lateral view ( Fig. 9A–B View Figure ). Gonostyli slightly elongate in lateral view, with ventral margin slightly concave and posterior margin broadly rounded; anterodorsal margin slightly emarginate after lateral process; lateral process laminate, curved laterally and apically pointed, with apical point directed lateroventrally ( Fig. 9A–B View Figure ). Aedeagus mostly membranous ( Fig. 9C–F View Figure ).


Buru, Seram, Ambon and Boano Islands ( Fig. 3 View Figure ).


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Birdantis trilineata ( Schmidt, 1926 )

Constant, Jérôme 2018


Myrilla trilineata

Schmidt, 1926 : 228


Myrilla trilineata

Metcalf 1947 : 84