Gymnocranius oblongus Borsa, Béarez & Chen, 2010,

Justine, Jean-Lou, Beveridge, Ian, Boxshall, Geoffrey A. & Bray, Rod A., 2010, An annotated list of fish parasites (Copepoda, Monogenea, Digenea, Cestoda and Nematoda) collected from Emperors and Emperor Bream (Lethrinidae) in New Caledonia further highlights parasite bi, Zootaxa 2691, pp. 1-40: 30

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.199564

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Gymnocranius oblongus Borsa, Béarez & Chen, 2010


Gymnocranius oblongus Borsa, Béarez & Chen, 2010 

Synonym: Gymnocranius  sp. A of Borsa in Justine & Briand, 2010

Cope: Cali: Caligus novocaledonicus  (gills) [0] (NHR)

Mono: Caps: Encotyllabe  sp. (pharyngeal teeth) [0] Mono: Dipl: Lamellodiscus magnicornis  (gills) [7]

Poly: Micr: unidentified immature (gills) [0]

Dige: Didy: unidentified adult (stomach wall) [0]

Dige: Opec: Neochoanostoma avidabira  (digestive tract) [0] (NHR) Dige: Opec: Propycnadenoides philippinensis  (digestive tract) [0] (NHR)

Nema: Tric: Huffmanela longa  (swim bladder) [0] (NHR)

Remarks: 4 specimens examined (4 for gills, 2 for abdominal organs). The record of H. longa  was attributed only to G. grandoculis  prior to the differentiation of this fish species [5] HPCs: 8; SLIP-HPCs: 5.