Myittana (Benglebra) ventrospina (Chen & Yang) Luo & Yang & Chen, 2019

Luo, Qiang, Yang, Lin & Chen, Xiang-Sheng, 2019, Two new species of the bamboo-feeding subgenus Myittana (Benglebra) from China (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae), Zootaxa 4646 (1), pp. 164-172 : 169-172

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4646.1.9

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Myittana (Benglebra) ventrospina (Chen & Yang)

comb. nov.

Myittana (Benglebra) ventrospina (Chen & Yang) View in CoL , comb. nov.

Figs 28 View FIGURES 25–28 , 41–44 View FIGURES 37–44

Mohunia ventrospina Chen, Li & Yang, 2007: 371 View in CoL .

Description. Body length: male 5.06–5.28mm (22 specimens), female 5.47–5.70 mm (25 specimens); forewing length: male 4.04–4.22 mm (22 specimens), female 4.30–4.69 mm (25 specimens).

Descriptions and illustrations of external features and male genitalia of this species see Chen et al., 2007:370– 371.

Female genitalia. Sternite VII with anterior margin slightly concave, posterior margin strongly concave medially ( Fig. 28 View FIGURES 25–28 ). First valvula as in M. (Benglebra) biflaka sp. nov.. Second valvula dorsal margin smooth teeth. ( Figs 43–44 View FIGURES 37–44 ).

Material examined. ♂ (holotype), China: Guizhou, Daozhen County, Dashahe Nature Reserve (28°53’N, 107°36’E), 19 August 2004, Xiang-Sheng Chen GoogleMaps ; 3♂♂ 5♀♀ (paratypes), data same as holotype GoogleMaps ; 8♂, 10♀, Guizhou, Suiyang County, Kuankuoshui Nature Reserve (27°58’N, 107°11’E), 1 August 1984, Zi-Zhong Li GoogleMaps ; 4♂, 2♀, Guizhou, Daozhen County, 25 July 1984, Zi-Zhong Li ; 2♀, Guizhou, Shiqian County, Fodingshan (27°31’N, 108°14’E), 15 August 1994, Xiang-Sheng Chen GoogleMaps ; 1♂, Guizhou, Libo County, Maolan National Nature Reserve (25°40’N, 108°05’E), 24 May 1998, Xiang-Sheng Chen GoogleMaps ; 1♂ 5♀, Guizhou, Daozhen County, 17-20 August 2004, Mao-Fa Yang and Bin Zhang ; 2♂, Guizhou, Leishan County, Leigong-shan National Nature Reserve (26°28’N, 108°17’E), 13–14 August 2005, Zi-Zhong Li and Bin Zhang GoogleMaps ; 2♂ 1♀, Guizhou, Weining County, Caohai Lake National Nature Reserve (26°52’N, 104°17’E), 16 August 2015, Guo-Yong Li and Yang-Yang Liu GoogleMaps .

Host Plant. Bamboo ( Qiongzhuea communis ).

Distribution. China (Guizhou Province).

Remarks. We here transfer the species to Myittana (Benglebra) mainly based on the following characters: head with apex in profile truncate, head and thorax with longitudinal bands dorsally; male pygofer with stout spine arising from ventral margin, directed ventrocaudally; style apophysis apex bifid with two processes; aedeagus tubular and C-shaped in lateral view, gonopore apical on caudal surface. This species is similar to M. (Benglebra) biflaka sp. nov. (see remarks on M. (Benglebra) biflaka sp. nov.) above.














Myittana (Benglebra) ventrospina (Chen & Yang)

Luo, Qiang, Yang, Lin & Chen, Xiang-Sheng 2019

Mohunia ventrospina

Chen, X. S. & Li, Z. Z. & Yang, L. 2007: 371
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