Anthidiellum (Pycnanthidium) somaliense

Eardley, Connal, 2018, Taxonomic revision of the sub-Saharan Anthidiellum Cockerell (Apoidea: Megachilidae: Anthidiini), Zootaxa 4402 (2), pp. 201-250: 244

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Anthidiellum (Pycnanthidium) somaliense

sp. n.

Anthidiellum (Pycnanthidium) somaliense  sp. n.

( Figs 35–36View FIGURE 35View FIGURE 36)

This new species is named for the type locality.

Diagnosis. The female’s unique, mostly yellow vertex and genae separate this species from all the other Afrotropical Anthidiini  in which these structures are largely black. ( Fig. 35a –cView FIGURE 35). The male is unknown.

Description. Female. Integument of head and mesosoma black with pale yellow maculation on lower face (up to a little above antennal sockets), posterior vertex, most gena, mandible, anterodistal antennal scape, broad lateral scutum margin, axilla, posterior scutellum, mesepisternum below pronotal lobe, most mesepimeron, all legs, T1– T3 anterolaterally (blackish mesally, posterior margin orange), T4–T5 cross-bands (broad posterior margin orange), T6 ( Fig. 35a –cView FIGURE 35). Scopa white ( Fig. 35cView FIGURE 35). Lengths: face 4.2 mm; scutum 1.5 mm; forewing 4.0 mm; body 5.4 mm. Structure. Head. Epistomal suture flattish dorsolaterally ( Fig. 1bView FIGURE 1); lower epistomal suture projection adjacent to opposite inner antennal socket edge ( Fig. 1bView FIGURE 1); preoccipital region rounded; scutum gently and evenly convex, punctate laterally; omaulus strongly carinate; fore and middle femora with squamose vestiture posteriorly; hind basitarsus wide (length 1.5x width); propodeum striate dorsolaterally, vertical surface mostly reticulate sculpture.

Male. Unknown.

Distribution ( Fig. 36View FIGURE 36). Anthidiellum somaliense  is only known from one female specimen collected in Somalia.

Material examined. Type material. ‘ Somalia Afgoi Lower Shabelli Valley 6–20.III.2977 Mal. Trap, F. Bin, collection RMNHAbout RMNH Leiden,’ RMNHAbout RMNH.


National Museum of Natural History, Naturalis