Anthidium zebra

Eardley, Connal, 2018, Taxonomic revision of the sub-Saharan Anthidiellum Cockerell (Apoidea: Megachilidae: Anthidiini), Zootaxa 4402 (2), pp. 201-250: 244-247

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Anthidium zebra

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Anthidium zebra  sensu lato, discussion

Three of the following four species and one variety were described from female specimens, which are inherently difficult to identify in this genus. Anthidiellum bulawayoensis  was described from a male, but Mavromoustakis (1937a) failed to describe the S5 comb that is the most important diagnostic feature. I was unable to locate the holotypes of three of these taxa and could not identify them from the literature because the descriptions are inadequate. I could not identify the forth ( A. orichalciscopatum  ) from the holotype due to uncertainty in the interspecific and intraspecific variation in this genus. They were, however, all compared to A. zebra  either by Pasteels (1984) or Mavromoustakis (1937a).

Anthidiellum (Pycnanthidium) tegwaniense (Cockerell) 

Dianthidium tegwaniense  COcKERELL, 1914: 278, FEMALE HOLOtyPE ( NHMLAbout NHML, NOt EXAMINED) TEgWANI, ZIMBABWE (NOt SOUtH AFRIcA).

Anthidiellum (Pycnanthidium) tegwaniense (COcKERELL)  : MIcHENER AND GRISWOLD 1994: 301.

Anthidiellum swalei  MAVROMOUStAKIS, 1936B: 603–605, FEMALE HOLOtyPE ( NHMLAbout NHML, NOt EXAMINED) LONELy MINE, ZIMBABWE; PAStEELS 1984: 107–108, SyN.

Anthidiellum (Pycnanthidium) bulawayense Mavromoustakis 

Anthidiellum bulawayense MAVROMOUStAKIS  , 1937 A: 231–232, MALE HOLOtyPE (UNKNOWN, NOt EXAMINED) BULAWAyO, ZIMBABWE. Anthidiellum (Pycnanthidium) bulawayense MAVROMOUStAKIS  : MIcHENER AND GRISWOLD 1994: 301.

Anthidiellum (Pycnanthidium) nigripes (Friese) 

Anthidium nigripes  FRIESE, 1904: 105, FEMALE HOLOtyPE ( ZMHB, NOt EXAMINED) DELAgOA BAy, MOZAMBIqUE; PAStEELS 1984: 98. 

Anthidiellum nigripes  VAR. rhodesinum MAVROMOUStAKIS, 1937 A: 231, FEMALE HOLOtyPE ( TMSAAbout TMSA, NOt EXAMINED) SAWMILLS, ZIMBABWE. 

Anthidiellum nigripes  VAR. rhodesianum [!] MAVROMOUStAKIS: ANONyMOUS 1958: 33; PAStEELS 1984: 98.

Anthidiellum (Pycnanthidium) orichalciscopatum (Strand)  .

Anthidium orichalciscopatum  StRAND, 1912: 307–308, FEMALE HOLOtyPE ( ZMHB, EXAMINED) EqUAtORIAL GUINEA; StRAND 1927 A: 411. 

Anthidiellum orichalciscopatum (StRAND)  : MAVROMOUStAKIS 1936 A: 44.

Anthidiellum (Pygnanthidiellum) orichalciscopatum  (StRAND): PAStEELS 1984: 99.

Anthidiellum (Pycnanthidium) orichalciscopatum (StRAND)  : MIcHENER AND GRISWOLD 1994: 301.

The holotype of this species resembles A. otavicum  most closely, but an identification from a single female is unreliable and therefore the status of this species is left in abeyance.

Material examined. Type material. Female holotype of Anthidium orichalciscopatum  : ‘Span. Guinea Uelleburg Benitogbt 1– 14.11.07 G. Tessmann S.G., Anthidium orichalciscopatum  m. ♀ Strand det., Type’, ZMHB (the strikethrough is verbatim as on the label).

Anthidiellum frontorecticulatum  nomen  nudum

Anthidiellum frontorecticulatum nomen  nudum: ROUBIK 1989: 410.

There is a specimen from Kenya in MRACAbout MRAC that is labelled as the allotype of A. frontorecticulatum  . In colour, it resembles A. bipectinatum  .

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