Meomyia Evenhuis, 1983,

Li, Xuankun & Yeates, David K., 2020, Revision of the Australian bee fly genus Meomyia Evenhuis, 1983, with description of three new species (Bombyliidae, Bombyliinae, Bombyliini), Zootaxa 4810 (2), pp. 201-243: 202-203

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Meomyia Evenhuis, 1983


Meomyia Evenhuis, 1983 

Paramonovella Hull, 1973: 61. Type species: Bombylius platyurus Walker, 1849  [= Bombylius fasciculatus Macquart, 1840  ], by subsequent designation ( Evenhuis, 1991: 59). Nomen nudum.

Paramonovella Zaitzev, 1982: 521 (68)]. Type species: Bombylius albiceps Macquart, 1848  (as “ Paramonovella albiceps  ”), by monotypy. Nomen nudum.

Meomyia Evenhuis, 1983: 210  . Type species: Bombylius platyurus Walker, 1849  [= Bombylius fasciculatus Macquart, 1840  ], by original designation.

Diagnosis (modified from Li & Yeates, 2018). Flagellum one-segmented, elongate and slender. Base of wing vein Cu bare. Cell r5 closed; cell br nearly as long as cell bm, crossvein m-m located on base of cell dm; crossvein m-m long, nearly as long as crossvein r-m; cell cua open. Abdomen with black band and dense apical black tuft. Male epandrium nearly rectangular, posterior margin slightly concave in most species. Hypandrium membranous. Gonocoxite apex slightly narrower than base; division short; ejaculatory apodeme normal; gonocoxal apodeme pointed anteroventrally; anterior arm of aedeagal sheath short, not extending beyond gonocoxal margin; lateral ejaculatory process large; basiphallus large; dorsal bridge without lateral hollow; outer and inner apexes rounded; gonostylus normal; phallus strongly curved. Female sand chamber present. Tergite 8 with median apodeme on anterior margin, posterior margin with dense long hairs. Tergite 9+10 with posterior projection; seven to nine acanthophorite spines present on each side of tergite 9+10, strongly curved apically. Genital fork slender and straight, with inner projection and sclerotized distal connection. Sperm pump weak and short, without longitudinal muscle; sperm pump basal and apical collars absent; apical spermathecal duct short; spermatheca large with basal bulb combined, apex with conical point.

Distribution. ACT, NSW, Qld., SA, Tas., Vic., WA.

Species included. Meomyia albiceps ( Macquart, 1848)  , Meomyia callynthrophora ( Schiner, 1868)  , Meomyia fasciculata ( Macquart, 1840)  , Meomyia hortorum  sp. nov., Meomyia kochae  sp. nov., Meomyia melanocincta  sp. nov., Meomyia penicillata ( Macquart, 1850)  , Meomyia sericans ( Macquart, 1850)  , Meomyia vetusta ( Walker, 1849)  .












Meomyia Evenhuis, 1983

Li, Xuankun & Yeates, David K. 2020


Evenhuis, N. L. 1983: 210