Brachylabis greensladei Brindle, 1970f: 659,

Miles, Claire, 2015, The Earwig Collection (Dermaptera) of the Manchester Museum, UK, with a complete type catalogue, European Journal of Taxonomy 141, pp. 1-138: 57

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Brachylabis greensladei Brindle, 1970f: 659


Brachylabis greensladei Brindle, 1970f: 659  , figs 17–18.

Type material

1 ♂, paratype, F3233.112; 1 ♀, paratype, F3233.105; dried, mounted on card.

Locality labels

F3233.112, F3233.105: Solomon Is. / Guadacanal [sic] / Mt. Austen / 24.VIII.1965 / P. Greenslade.


Anisolabididae  , Antisolabidinae  , Antisolabis greensladei (Brindle, 1970)  .


1. Transferred by Steinmann (1989a: 359).

2. The original description states that only 1 male paratype was passed to MMUE. F3233.112 bears Brindle’s 1970 determination label stating ‘Paratype’.

3. The locality, spelled ‘Guadacanal’ on the locality label, is given as ‘Guadalcanal’ in the description.