Tanacetipathes Opresko, 2001

Wagner, Daniel & Shuler, Andrew, 2017, The black coral fauna (Cnidaria: Antipatharia) of Bermuda with new records, Zootaxa 4344 (2), pp. 367-379: 375

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Tanacetipathes Opresko, 2001


Genus Tanacetipathes Opresko, 2001 

The genus Tanacetipathes  is characterized by colonies that are monopodial or branched, with the stem and branches being pinnulate like a bottle brush, to the 3rd –4th order (Opresko, 2001). The primary pinnules are arranged in 4–6 regular rows and in alternating biserial groups of 2–3 pinnules. Secondary pinnules are mostly restricted to the lateral sides of primary pinnules, and are usually developed more extensively on the abpolypar sides of the primary pinnules. At least one uniserial tertiary pinnule is found on the abpolypar side of the lowermost secondary pinnules, and quartenary pinnules may be present in some species within this genus (Opresko, 2001).