Distichopathes Opresko, 2004,

Wagner, Daniel & Shuler, Andrew, 2017, The black coral fauna (Cnidaria: Antipatharia) of Bermuda with new records, Zootaxa 4344 (2), pp. 367-379: 373

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Distichopathes Opresko, 2004


Genus Distichopathes Opresko, 2004 

The genus Distichopathes  is characterized by colonies that are monopodial or sparsely branched, with branching that tends to be planar ( Opresko, 2004). The stem and branches are pinnulate, but not subpinnulate. The simple pinnules are primarily arranged in two lateral rows. The pinnules in each lateral row alternate with those of the opposite row ( Opresko, 2004). The genus Distichopathes  has not been previously recorded from Bermudan waters ( Locke et al., 2013), and is thus here reported from Bermuda for the first time.