Rhizophobates shimojanai Karasawa & Aoki, 2005

Chatterjee, Tapas, Pfingstl, Tobias & Pešić, Vladimir, 2018, A checklist of marine littoral mites (Acari) associated with mangroves, Zootaxa 4442 (2), pp. 221-240: 232

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Rhizophobates shimojanai Karasawa & Aoki, 2005


Rhizophobates shimojanai Karasawa & Aoki, 2005 

Records associated with mangroves: Okukubi River , Kin Town, Okinawa Island, Japan, algae on knee roots of Bruguiera gymnorrhiza  and from algae on mangrove forest floor ( Karasawa & Aoki 2005). 

Distribution: Japan.

Remarks: Subías (2004) transferred this species to the genus Thalassozetes  but did not provide any explanation for this transfer and only published it in his online catalogue therefore this taxonomic act should be rejected ( Pfingstl & Schuster 2012a).