Carinozetes bermudensis Pfingstl & Schuster, 2012

Chatterjee, Tapas, Pfingstl, Tobias & Pešić, Vladimir, 2018, A checklist of marine littoral mites (Acari) associated with mangroves, Zootaxa 4442 (2), pp. 221-240: 232

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Carinozetes bermudensis Pfingstl & Schuster, 2012


Carinozetes bermudensis Pfingstl & Schuster, 2012 

Records associated with mangroves: Concrete Beach and Lover’s Lake , Bermuda, algae on roots of Avicennia germinans ( Pfingstl et al. 2014)  . 

Records from other habitats: Rocky Hill Park, Concrete Beach, Soldier Bay and numerous other locations on Bermuda, intertidal algae from rocks, boulder or soil ( Pfingstl & Schuster 2012a, Pfingstl et al. 2014).

Distribution: Bermuda.

Remarks: Although this species is occasionally found in mangrove habitats it primarily prefers rocky or muddy shores without mangrove vegetation.