Barleria pauciflora Champl.

Dominique Champluvier, 2011, New and overlooked Acanthaceae taxa from D. R. Congo, Rwanda and Burundi: (1) the genus Barleria, Plant Ecology and Evolution 144 (1), pp. 82-95: 92

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Barleria pauciflora Champl.

sp. nov.

Barleria pauciflora Champl.  , sp. nov.

B. neurophylla C.B.Cl. valde affinis sed propter calycis lobos integros, nec minute dentatos vel erosos nec extra marginem longe patenter ciliatos, nec subscariosos; propter folia longitudinis in latitudine rationem 3,6 nec 2,5 et corollae lobos satis multo angustiores bene differt

– Type: D.R.Congo, District du Haut-Katanga, chutes Dikolongo, près de Lubudi, alt. 1230 m, Apr. 1985, Malaisse & Goetghebeur 283, fl (holo-: BR; iso-: B, CAS, K, MO, P, WAG).

Suffrutescent plant up to 70 cm high. Stem with two opposite bands of rather sparse antrorse hairs or antrorsely pubescent all around. Lamina of the leaves elliptic to narrowly elliptic or oblanceolate, acute to acuminate at the tip, cuneate to attenuate at the base, 3.3–12.5 × 0.9–3.9 cm, sparsely covered with short adpressed hairs; 4–8 lateral nerves; petiole 3–8 mm long. Inflorescence terminal, capitate, few-flowered, sometimes with solitary axillary flowers at one or two nodes below the terminal part or with small lateral inflorescences