Cearagrylloides Martins-Neto

Martins-Neto, Rafael Gioia & Tassi, Lara Vaz, 2009, The Orthoptera (Ensifera) from the Santana formation (Early Cretaceous, Northeast Brazil): A statistical and paleoecological approach, with description of new taxa, Zootaxa 2080, pp. 21-37: 27

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.187344



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Cearagrylloides Martins-Neto


Cearagrylloides Martins-Neto   n. gen.

Etymology. A quite Cearagryllus   .

Type species. Cearagryllus perforatorius Martins-Neto, 1991   , designated here. Diagnosis (female). Robust cearagryllids with relatively small head. forewing length equal to the body length; ovipositor long and setiform, longer than the forewing/body length.

Discussion. The Araripe female cearagryllines, although reasonably similar to the male ones, cannot be confidently placed in any of the genera Cearagryllus   , Notocearagryllus   , Allocearagryllus   or Cryptocearagryllus   . The generic separation is necessary, although artificial, to prevent mistakes of interpretation. The new genus is useful for paleoecological purposes, as discussed below.