Sarcophila japonica

Zhang, Dong, Zhang, Ming, Wang, Chao & Pape, Thomas, 2016, Catalog of the Paramacronychiinae of China (Diptera: Sarcophagidae), Zootaxa 4208 (4), pp. 301-324: 309

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Sarcophila japonica



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Agria japonica Rohdendorf, 1962: 937  . Type locality: Japan, Honshu, Mt. Kanadzawa. References: Rohdendorf (1962: 937– 938, description of male; 938, fig. 7: male terminalia, lateral view); Xue & Zhang (1983: 296, checklist); Xue (1984: 3, checklist); Shanghai Institute of Entomology Academia Sinica (1992: 85, checklist); Wang et al. (2001: 265, checklist); Wang & He (2002: 13, checklist).

Sarcophila japonica: Verves (1982: 296, key and redescription)  ; Verves (1985: 297, redescription, fig. 263: male terminalia); Verves (1986: 117, catalog, in part); Wang et al. (1992: 173, checklist); Fan & Pape (1996: 244, checklist); Pape (1996: 166, catalog, in part); Ma et al. (1998: 36, checklist); Wang et al. (2006b: 27, faunistics).

Chinese specimens examined. CHINA: Ningxia: 1 male, Yanchi , 24.VII.2009, J.X. Wu  ; 1 male, Lingwu , 19.VI.2012, Q. Gao & Y.R. Zhang; Xinjiang  : 3 males, Altay, Kalamaili , 16.VIII.2009, D. Zhang (all MBFU)  .

Distribution. CHINA: Neimenggu (no further data), Ningxia (Lingwu, Tongxin, Yanchi), Shanxi (Hongdong, Pianguan, Lingqiu, Taiyuan, Tianzhen, Xiangyuan, Youyu, Yuanqu), Xinjiang (Altay, Ürümqi); Palaearctic Region.

Remarks. Verves (1982, 1985) provided a redescription of this species and reproduced Rohdendorf’s (1962) original figure of its male terminalia. There is a paucity of records for this species outside of Japan, and records of Sarcophila  sp. “cf” or “near” japonica  from localities around the Mediterranean (e.g., Castillo-Moralbés 2001, 2002; Prado e Castro et al. 2010) refer to the species recorded from this region as Sarcophila meridionalis Verves, 1982  (e.g., Cocquempot & Rungs 2009; Carles-Tolrá & Lencina 2010a, 2010b). Note that Lehrer (2003) confused S. latifrons  [as correctly presented by Pape (1987)] with S. meridionalis  . The genus Sarcophila  is in need of a critical taxonomic revision. Here, we provide the first photographic documentation of Sarcophila japonica  , which together with S. rasnitzyni Verves  stands out for its deeply incised surstylus and straight cercal prong ( Fig. 1View FIGURE 1 F –G). Verves (1982) mentioned the straight cross-vein dm-cu, the shorter and more cone-shaped cercus, and posterior lobe of surstylus with a rounded tip as the most distinctive features of S. japonica  , while S. rasnitzyni  has an Sshaped cross-vein dm-cu, a longer and more slender cercus, and posterior lobe of surstylus with a pointed tip. With no material of S. rasnitzyni  at our disposal, we cannot fully assess the infraspecific variation and taxonomic implications of these characters, but at least for the cross-vein dm-cu the single Japanese specimen examined (Hokkaido, Wakkasakanai Soya prov., 26.VI.1986, M. Abe, in NRM) matches the condition found in other species of Sarcophila  .


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Sarcophila japonica

Zhang, Dong, Zhang, Ming, Wang, Chao & Pape, Thomas 2016

Agria japonica

Wang 2001: 265
Entomology 1992: 85
Rohdendorf 1962: 937