Asiosarcophila kaszabi

Zhang, Dong, Zhang, Ming, Wang, Chao & Pape, Thomas, 2016, Catalog of the Paramacronychiinae of China (Diptera: Sarcophagidae), Zootaxa 4208 (4), pp. 301-324: 304

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Asiosarcophila kaszabi



Asiosarcophila kaszabi Rohdendorf & Verves, 1978: 245  . Type locality: Mongolia, NE Dzereg, Chovd Aimak, Umnuu Chairchan-uul. References: Verves (1982: 283, figs 245–246: male head, lateral and anterior view; 284, fig. 247a –b: male terminalia; 285–286, description, figs 248: male Terminalia, 249a –c: female terminalia); Liu & Wu (1986: 35, description of male and female); Verves (1986: 113, catalog); Pape (1996: 160, catalog); Zhang et al. (2015: 492–494, new synonymy, redescription, remarks, fig. 24A: male body, lateral view, B: male terminalia, lateral view, C: male head, anterior view, D: male head, anterolateral view, E: male head, lateral view, F: male abdomen, dorsal view, G: labels).

Wohlfahrtiodes mongolicus Chao & Zhang, 1988: 273  . Type locality: China, Neimenggu, Qog B. Holotype, male, in ZMCAS. References: Chao & Zhang (1988: 273 –274, description, fig. 1a –b: male terminalia, c: abdomen, dorsal view); Yang & Sun (1991: 89, catalog); Fan (1992: 615, fig. 1249m, n: male terminalia; 616, key); Fan & Pape (1996: 245, checklist); Xue & Chao (1998: 1566, fig. 3143L1: male terminalia, Mp: male terminalia; 1568, catalog); Nonnaizab (1999: 312, catalog and biology); Tian et al. (1999: 54, checklist); Cui et al. (2007: 389, catalog); Chen (2013: 164, brief description, fig. 124Cd: male abdomen, dorsal view, Mp: male terminalia, L1: male terminalia); Zhang et al. (2015: 492, new synonymy). 

Chinese specimens examined. Type specimens of Wohlfahrtiodes mongolicus Chao & Zhang, 1988  : CHINA: Neimenggu: Holotype, male, Qog B, 29.VI.1978  ; paratypes: 19 males, Erenhot, 10¯ 12.VII.1972; all collected by C.M. Chao (all ZMCAS).

Distribution. CHINA: Neimenggu (Erenhot, Qog B); Palaearctic Region.

Remarks. The species Asiosarcophila kaszabi  was given as a first record from China by Zhang et al. (2015), with no mention of the much earlier record by Liu & Wu (1986). We have not been able to locate the material referred to by Liu & Wu (1986), and while the description does not fit with Asiosarcophila kaszabi  , it does not allow us to make an identification. Important features mentioned by Liu & Wu (1986) are especially [our translation from the Chinese original]: “Frons about 1/3 as broad as head width”, “arista very long with short plumosity in basal 1/2”, “[abdominal] tergites 2–4 with a median black stripe and a pair of circular lateral spots”, and “cercus small and black, triangular in lateral view, with sharp apex; surstylus brown, spoon-like, surstylus longer than cercus in lateral and dorsal views; postgonite elongated and with a hook-like tip, pregonite yellowishbrown and with brownish black tip, spearhead-like, without bristles; phallus brownish black with elongated lateral sclerotizations”. The short, triangular cercus is here taken as evidence for assignment to the subfamily Paramacronychiinae  , but the remaining features do not match particularly well with A. kaszabi  or any other genus or species.














Asiosarcophila kaszabi

Zhang, Dong, Zhang, Ming, Wang, Chao & Pape, Thomas 2016


Wohlfahrtiodes mongolicus

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