Zhang, Dong, Zhang, Ming, Wang, Chao & Pape, Thomas, 2016, Catalog of the Paramacronychiinae of China (Diptera: Sarcophagidae), Zootaxa 4208 (4), pp. 301-324: 308

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Paramacronychia  sp. indet.

Paramacronychia flavipalpis: Verves  (1986: 117, catalog); Fan & Pape (1996: 244, checklist); Pape (1996: 166, catalog). [Misidentified, see Remarks.]

Chinese specimens examined. None.

Distribution. CHINA: Xinjiang (Tien-Shan); Palaearctic Region.

Remarks. The first record of the genus Paramacronychia  from China was made by Rohdendorf & Verves (1978), who recorded Paramacronychia flavipalpis (Girschner)  from “Tien-Shan”. Verves (1986) listed this species from western Xinjiang (as “West Kashgaria”), and the record was accepted by Fan & Pape (1996) without mentioning if any material was examined. Zhang, Whitmore & Pape (unpublished) have examined several specimens of Paramacronychia  from Kazakhstan and Mongolia, and these all belong to an undescribed species; we consider this as evidence that the record of P. flavipalpis  from China is a misidentification of this undescribed species, whereas Paramacronychia flavipalpis  appears to be endemic to Europe.