Acmaeodera loei Manley

Davidson, J. M., 2003, Mexican Acmaeodera Eschscholtz, 1829: A new species and checklist, with miscellaneous taxonomic and biological notes on other North American Buprestidae (Coleoptera), Zootaxa 201, pp. 1-18: 14

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Acmaeodera loei Manley


Acmaeodera loei Manley 

A good series of this species, originally described from Honduras, was collected in the early morning hours on flowers of morning glory vines, Convolvulus  sp. ( Convolvulaceae  ), growing along the roadside, 18 Km E Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Mexico, X­ 20­2001. To my knowledge, this and the records below are the first for A. loei  in Mexico. Since none of the specimens encountered were observed in flight, and given the cool temperature at the time the specimens were collected, this might indicate that specimens of A. loei  spent the night at rest on their adult host flowers. Other records of A. loei  from Mexico are: Chiapas, Mpo. Tximil, 20 km SSE Pugiltic, 372 m, 19 ­X­ 81 ( CASC); Sumidero Nat. Park, 5 ­ XI­ 90 ( WFBM); Guerrero, Acapulco, 150 m, 19 ­X­ 89, on small pale blue flowers of Convolvulus  sp. ( RLWE); Jalisco, Est. Biol. Chamela, numerous specimens with various dates of collection ( EBCC and RLWE); Oaxaca, 7­8 km E Tehuantepec, 24 ­X­ 76, TAMU; Yucatán, 4 km S Santa Elena, 22 ­X­ 91 ( RHTC) (new country record).


W.F. Barr Entomological Collection


Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Estacion de Biologia Chamela