Halechiniscidae Thulin, 1928, Thulin, 1928

Jørgensen, Aslak, Boesgaard, Tom M., Møbjerg, Nadja & Kristensen, Reinhardt M., 2014, The tardigrade fauna of Australian marine caves: With descriptions of nine new species of Arthrotardigrada, Zootaxa 3802 (4), pp. 401-443: 409

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Halechiniscidae Thulin, 1928


Family Halechiniscidae Thulin, 1928  

Diagnosis (following Jørgensen & Kristensen 2001): Arthrotardigrades without sclerotized dorsal segmental plates. The complete set of cephalic appendages in halechiniscids is 11, but the buccal clavae may be indistinguishable (9) or consist of fused secondary and tertiary clavae (13). Each adult leg has four digits with claws. The claws may be simple or with accessory hooks, spurs or thin bristles. Peduncles can be present in all four digits or only in external digits. Two cuticular seminal receptacles always present in the adult females.