Jørgensen, Aslak, Boesgaard, Tom M., Møbjerg, Nadja & Kristensen, Reinhardt M., 2014, The tardigrade fauna of Australian marine caves: With descriptions of nine new species of Arthrotardigrada, Zootaxa 3802 (4), pp. 401-443: 423

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Subfamily Styraconyxinae   Kristensen & Renaud-Mornant, 1983

Diagnosis (emended from Kristensen & Higgins 1984): Halechiniscids with two or four peduncles on four digits; either internal peduncles absent or heart-shaped proximal pad present. Three to four hooks present on each claw, sometimes secondarily reduced to only one or two hooks. Claws can be retracted into membranous sheath. Secondary clavae normally reduced or lacking. Cirrus A [lateral cirrus] and Cirrus E similar; primary clavae and sense organs of the fourth leg also similar. The cuticle is variable but dorsal cuticular plates are never present.