Nullana DeLong, 1976

Domahovski, Alexandre Cruz & Cavichioli, Rodney Ramiro, 2017, Two new species of Nullana from southern Brazil (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Gyponini) with key to males, Zootaxa 4281 (1), pp. 207-218: 208

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Nullana DeLong, 1976


Nullana DeLong, 1976 

Type-species. Nullana huallaga DeLong, 1976 

Diagosis. Medium sized leafhoppers, between 8 to 9.5mm. Coloration (Figs 18, 38) commonly yellowish. Crown often with two rounded black spots behind each ocellus. Forewings with mottled pattern. Head ( Figs 1View FIGURES 1, 20View FIGURES 20 – 32), in dorsal view, not produced; median length of crown approximately half as long as interocular width; crown with transverse parallel striae; anterior margin of crown approximately parallel to posterior margin. Head (Figs 3, 22), in lateral view, with crown-face transition distinct, with clearly defined carinae. Pygofer (Figs 7, 26) simple, without apical processes. Aedeagus (Figs 11, 31) lacking atrial processes; shaft without apical processes; apex often membranous.