Munnogonium George & Strömberg, 1968

Doti, Brenda L. & Roccatagliata, Daniel, 2013, Two new species of the genus Munnogonium (Isopoda: Asellota: Paramunnidae) from Argentina, Zootaxa 3717 (3), pp. 301-319 : 302

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Munnogonium George & Strömberg, 1968


Munnogonium George & Strömberg, 1968

Type species. Munnogonium waldronense George & Strömberg, 1968

Diagnosis. (Emended after Just and Wilson, 2007). Body ovate. Head frontal margin not projecting, with or without a tight tuft of setae (at low resolution the tuft of setae looks like a short blunt median projection). Pereonites dorsally smooth. Pleotelson lateral margins smooth. Eyestalks vestigial, not longer than wide (except in the males of M. quequensis n. sp.), downward pointed. Antennula article 1 at least twice length of eyestalk. Mandible palp absent. Pereopod I carpus triangular with 3 straight, subequal robust setae on posterior margin; propodus with simple setae on posterior margin ( M. quequensis n. sp. also with 1 robust seta). Pereopod II carpus and propodus with several long, very slender robust setae on posterior margin. Uropod endopod straight, apex truncate.