Paragraecia Karny, 1907

Tan, Ming Kai & Ingrisch, Sigfrid, 2014, New taxa and notes of some described species of Agraeciini (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Conocephalinae) from Malay Peninsula, Zootaxa 3765 (6), pp. 541-556 : 546

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Paragraecia Karny, 1907


Genus Paragraecia Karny, 1907

Karny, 1907: 66. Type species: Paragraecia javanica Karny

Diagnosis. Medium sized Conocephalinae with moderately long legs. The pronotum is provided with a tubercle at ventro-anterior angle; the pronotal disc is flattened in apical area, slightly prolonged behind and has the posterior margin truncate or subtruncate; the wings are of variable length, brachypterous or fully winged but only little surpassing the abdomen; the tegmina have the apical margin always truncate; the tenth abdominal tergite in male has the hind margin produced at each side into a finger-shaped, obtuse lobe, which holds an internal process of the cercus; the male cerci are short-conical with a long, finger-shaped baso-internal process which is curved apicad and reaches or slightly surpasses the apex of the cercus, it comes out at the inner side of the process of the tenth abdominal tergite while the cercus stem runs along the outer side of the process; the apex of the male subgenital plate and the styli are modified; the titillators are largely or completely reduced; the female ovipositor is falcate but long and stout. The colouration is uniformly light brown or yellowish-brown in museum specimens but may be green when alive. The genus is similar to Kirkaldyus Griffini, 1908 from which it differs only in the presence of prosternal spines of variable length while in Kirkaldyus they are always absent.