Macrosteles lindbergi Dlabola, 1963

Yalin, Zhang, Lin, Lu & Kwon, Yong Jung, 2013, Review of the Leafhopper Genus Macrosteles Fieber (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae) from China, Zootaxa 3700 (3), pp. 361-392: 372

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Macrosteles lindbergi Dlabola, 1963

stat. nov.

Macrosteles lindbergi Dlabola, 1963  , stat. nov.

(Plate 3, figs. 1–9)

Macrosteles fascifrons lindbergi Dlabola, 1963: 322  –323

Macrosteles fascifrons, Ossiannilsson, 1983: 633  –634, Figs. 2023–2028; Li & Wang, 1991: 182; Anufriev & Emeljanov, 1988: 187, Figs. 3–5

Length (including tegmen). Male: 3.0– 3.5 mm; female: 3.5 –4.0 mm.

Pale yellow, head with 3 pairs of black spots, not merged, a short longitudinal black band between eyes and ocelli.

Male abdomen. 2 nd acrotergite with trunk widely V-shaped. 2 nd tergal apodeme extending to middle of tergite posteriorly. 1 st sternal apodeme with anterior lobes slightly reduced and posterior lobes slightly longer than basal width, convergent distally. 2 nd sternal apodeme with posterior lobes reduced.

Male genitalia. Aedeagal shaft with lateral flanges, apical appendages divergent, long.

Material examined. CHINA: 1 male, Gansu Prov., Daheba Township, 30.vii.2004, 1870m, Coll. Lu Lin & Duan Yani (EMNWAF); 1 male, Qinghai Prov., Mt. Qilan, 4.vii. 1974, Coll. (SHEM); 1 male, 1 female, Ningxia Autonomous Region, Mt. Liupan, Xixia Country, 2150m, 10.vii. 2008, Coll. Men Qiulei.

Distribution. Finland, Sweden, Tuva district of Russia (Kwon 1988) and China (Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia).

Remarks. Ossiannilsson (1983) confused this species with M. fascifrons  due to incorrect specimen identification. The characters of the aedeagal shaft and apodemes separate it from all other species of the alpinus  species-group as a distinct species. It is most readily distinguished from other Old World species by the length of the aedeagal shaft. We therefore consider M. fascifrons sensu Ossiannilsson 1983  to in fact be M. lindbergi  stat. nov. (Kwon 1988, unpublished).