Hydrachna regulifera Koenike, 1908,

Davids, Kees, Sabatino, Antonio Di, Gerecke, Reinhard, Gledhill, Terence & Smit, Harry, 2005, On the taxonomy of water mites (Acari: Hydrachnidia) described from the Palaearctic, part 1: Hydrachnidae, Limnocharidae and Eylaidae, Zootaxa 1061, pp. 36-64: 50

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.170186

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Hydrachna regulifera Koenike, 1908


Hydrachna regulifera Koenike, 1908 

Species incerta

Material examined: Holotype deutonymph [not female!] SMNH 552, Germany, Bremen, under the wings of Dytiscus marginalis  .

Discussion: Erroneously, Koenike (1908) reported the finding of an adult female of Hydrachna  from the subelytral space of a specimen of Dytiscus marginalis  . The holotype is badly damaged (genital region mostly missing, P­ 3­5 lost, frontal sclerites not clearly identifiable, slide dried up), but remnants of acetabula­bearing sclerite strips attached to the medial margins of Cx­ 3 + 4 indicate that it is a deutonymph rather than an adult female. Obviously, this specimen had developed in the subelytral space from a protonymph and was ready to leave its host. Large dimensions and the presence of at least 3 setae on Cx­ 4 indicate that it is related to H. geographica  . A definitive placement of this immature specimen remains impossible and it must be regarded a species incerta.


Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History